2012: We're Already in It (2009)


  • Posted: 2/11/2014
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2012: We're Already in It -- '2012 - WE'RE ALREADY IN IT' won the '2009 EBE AWARD for Best Feature Film - UFO or Related' at the International UFO Congress Convention. Hailed as 'Inspiring, Illuminating and Moving.' Filmed live in the Crop Circles and Ancient Stone Formations of Wiltshire England (2008) by American Film Maker Patty Greer. The Story: A huge carved stone was unearthed in the Maya lands of Mexico in 1790. It was covered with glyphs, a writing of the ancient Mayans. They called it the Aztec Sunstone or Calendar Stone. The Mayan people knew about 2012 by reading the stars & listening to the voice of the Earth. They preserved their knowledge & their prophecies. '2012 ~ WE'RE ALREADY IN IT' offers a rich medley of interpretations of these prophecies, and addresses many signs of potential upcoming events for our planet. Our intention is to present immediate solutions & resolutions, taking a very positive approach. Is 2012 going to be a Blissful Rebirth for Humanity or is doom and gloom headed our way? Is this just another Y2K (consumer) scare or could the 2012ologists be right? Greer traveled through Europe asking respected lecturers, writers and 2012ologists for their perceptions & conclusions. We offer you the most inspiring ones. Featuring: PATRICIA CORI ~ ITALY, IAN R. CRANE ~ UK, BARBARA LAMB ~ USA, SIMON PETER FULLER ~ UK, ISABELLE KINGSTON ~ UK, JACK GROVERLAND ~ USA, NICK ASHRON ~ UK, MARC CUTHBERT ~ UK, DUKE O'NEIL ~ USA, TERRY DOBNEY ~ UK, GORDON RIMES ~ UK and GEOFF STRAY ~ UK. *The Wake Up Call #3 in a Series MOVIES FOR ASCENSION http://www.PattyGreer.com

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