$3 Trillion Dollar Shopping Spree w/ Cranky Hippy

  • Posted: 3/25/2014
    • Length: 02:28
    • Plays: ???
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End of the Road Madness: Approaching the Big Blink beyond the End of the Road where the pavement crumbles weeds take seed beyond the pools of poison and piles of bones a few wild ones recover into mutation salvation from space itself alive every drop and breath swarming viral encoding DNA synapses sparking the brand new birthing the betweens ushered by the planet remembering the madness crowded herds of humans burning everything choking joking partying and parading to the end all warnings buried in delusion as the Sun came blazing down upon burning naked ape flesh they kept building higher killing everything in their reach those we call "the Wasters" why did they destroy it all? blowing evil clouds grinding down mountains injecting all life with death? their "War" like a nightmare from which they could not wake living a lie about greatness while the world withered beneath their machines lost in electronic distraction detached from reality pretending at godhood while unleashing horror upon the last deforested outposts a sense of hopelessness drowned instincts denied nature screamed elemental forces pounding at them still they accelerated their machines waved their flags clapped their hands while their priesthoods preached fear and torture and hating the enemy the enemy the alien the other at the end of humanity the blanking of everything in a cosmic pulse hide your memories but they too will melt returning to the delicate interwoven web mortals uncoiling as well as machines synthetic scientific horrific monstrosity crashing collapsing terrifying plastic coils cold and senseless on millions of miles of superhighway to nowhere

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