Bye Bye Nikki? Pt. 2

  • Aired: 6/21/2010
    • Length: 08:06:07
    • Plays: ???
Synopsis >

Nikki's Dad gets a job offer he can't refuse - but it'll mean moving to Iqaluit! The gang takes the news badly - Jen refuses to discuss it, Caitlin can't stop crying along to Wyatt's sad songs, and Jonesy is in denial for so long, Nikki starts to think he doesn't even care if she leaves! Once Jonesy snaps out it, he refuses to let his girlfriend move away without a fight - especially 'cause she thinks they should break up if the move happens! So he pulls a major switcheroo and impersonates Mr. Wong for his final job interview, while Jude wears a suit and 'interviews' Mr. Wong back at the mall. But no matter how hard Jonesy tries to blow it, he still aces Mr. Wong's job interview! So the Wongs are moving...but maybe Nikki doesn't have to? Jen shares her bedroom with Nikki in a bid to convince their parents to let Nikki stay - but it's soon clear that the only way their friendship will survive is if they don't live together! Meanwhile, Jude loses his house key in the fountain while his folks are away, so he starts living in the mall, with Ron hot on his trail. Plus, when Jude hears Iqualuit has perpetual daylight for part of the year, he rigs a light-laden helmet to experience it first hand. And just as he finally falls asleep, Ron catches him and locks him up! But Jude gives Ron the speech to end all speeches, and weepy Ron releases him so Jude can get to Nikki's farewell party in time to say goodbye. It's not until Nikki is on the plane, however, that she suddenly realizes that she doesn't want to break up with Jonesy after all! They get each other on the phone just before her plane takes off, and reaffirm that they love each other and want to be together no matter what. So at least that won't change!

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