A Not So Fairy Toxic Tale! (2009)

A Not So Fairy Toxic Tale!

  • Posted: 12/10/2013
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A Not So Fairy Toxic Tale! -- It could happen to anyone, it could be happening to you! Your home is your sanctuary & so it should be. Cat Grant & Boyd Kodak were instantly displaced from their home, with little more than the clothes on their back. Based on a Graphic Novel, inspired by a true story, A Not So Fairy Toxic Tale! illustrates a horrific nightmare that destroyed the protagonists lives as they knew & loved them. A veiled toxic poison, hiding behind the walls of their home & studios, sat ready to expel. Deadly toxins, gas vapours that invaded their home, engulfed their belongings & penetrated everything porous, including them; forced them out. Infiltrated by a Tricothecene gas known as having been used in chemical warfare. Although invisible, it would make them critically ill. When the wrong action released a burst of this gas vapour, they had to leave everything behind. Their family was torn apart. Cat & Boyd s lives making art, movies, music, TV, helping other artists, volunteer efforts, curating, producing & working with festivals, were lost.These Toronto based artists and activists significant role in international counter culture, promoting diversity, understanding, acceptance & inclusion, all came to a screeching stop! While left in poor health & without means, they wanted to get the story out and hopefully help prevent others from going through such a horrendous experience. With paper, pencils, scissors, & paste they put together a graphic novel. It contains a Pathology section by Dr. William Croft. It is available in hard copy in some bookstores, expos, and able to view for free on the web at www.atoxictale.com, so that everyone can have access to this important information. This short is a combination of some hand drawn pictures, photographs and voice over telling us the tale. It includes an update of what has happened since their graphic novel was released & their ultimate search for

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