Ants on Crack: A (not so) scientific study

  • Posted: 7/10/2014
    • Length: 02:57
    • Plays: ???
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I don't do crack but for the purpose of this experiment I bought some crack from the local dope boy (a pretty nice ole' bloke) and left it in a ant infested car for a week. Look at the lil fella carry the big crack crumb and play keep away from the other ants. He's probably thinking, "man if I bring the queen some of this she sure to give up those anty panties, all that whore do is tease. I'm getting some tonight". Then camera work got shaky cause I almost made brown swirly out of my booty after a huge wasp appeared. If I would've been stung I would've screamed like a whore getting a dry fisting. I can hit some David Lee Roth screams. I don't care if the second half don't show anything a brotha was spooked...Again, I'm not a bugologist nor do I partake in illegal drugs. Anyway here are the results.

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