Award-Winning Kittens Or Puppies Gangsta Rap Video

  • Posted: 3/25/2014
    • Length: 02:04
    • Plays: ???
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Lyrics: Hey Cindy, I've got some news. I finally decided what pet to chose. He's fuzzy. He's cute. I'm completely smitten. The best pet ever is my new kitten. Kitten's are the best? Don't make me throw up! Puppies are the bomb. You know they blow up. The spot. The spot. 'Cause they're so hot, baby. You're nothing but a crazy dander sniffin' cat lady. Kittens Or Puppies! (x4) A potty trained pet is what I prefer. I'd trade barking, and growling, for a sweet purr. They've got a mind of their own; you know that that's true. And they don't hump your legs the way that dogs do. I'm not afraid of a little affection. He'll grow up to provide me protection. Against burglers, and killers, can your kitten do that? Nope. 'Cause kittens are lame! Kittens Or Puppies! (x4) Do the kitty cat. Do the kitty cat. Do the -- do the -- do the kitty cat. Do the puppy dog. Do the puppy dog. Do the pu -- pu --pu --pu -- puppy dog. You know what? I don't like your attitude. But I'm gonna be a bigger man about it. It's okay that we don't agree. Let's shake hands and hug!

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