Bad Romance - Literal Music Video Version

  • Posted: 7/10/2014
    • Length: 05:07
    • Plays: ???
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Sorry for the crappy pixelation and audio. Try and watch it without full screen and without headphones XP Lyrics in full: Oh my gosh, there's light on vodka And a bunch of coffins One is labeled Monster Bath Haus of Gaga Open hands come out Vampire chess pieces Gaga can't see She's got an army Now she's in the tub Retarded clapping Jamming and clapping This makes no sense Talk to reflection Big eyes scare me Rawr, I'm a dinosaur Tapping impatiently Creepy pose Try to fly Then give up (OMG, is that your spine? Gross!) Talk to myself Zoom in on crotch grab (Hey!) Cut to my face I have no make-up Just broke my spine Hand gun Keeps away monsters (Why? Why? Why? Look around) Sink into the tub Do the raptor I have tattoos Rawr Rawr (Pasties!) Strobe lights come on Cover my mouth Struggle, dip, and check my nails (Who's wears heels in the tub?) I howl at the moon And sink to the floor Flash to blonde wig Rip off my shirt Monsters dance as I cry Blonde wig, drink and dance OMG, that tastes nasty Pointless close-up Burlap sack Freak out! Having seizures Rip off my jacket Gold jaw likes my pearls Naked in shower Mad at all of these guys But I still dance for them And shoot my handgun Too skinny Thrown to the floor lick your lips (Do you really have to grab your groin to kick? Seriously?) Do the mashed potato Make a dick joke (Flick - Bwah!) Ukranian vodka Round belly hurts my head Crawl on the floor towards the pimps (Towards Mr. gold jaw) Kiss his ear, gross spine (Lap dance, and a bald cat, baby!) Product placement Hits a million sold I baby step While flinging my hands Before dipping and checking my nails (Cut to overhead shot) I pelvic thrust with my hand in the air Turn around Stroke my side bat hair Can't move or I'll hit the jewels Check out my home-ec mask So dizzy we dance like we're drunk Check out my cross crotch Arms arms I am Saturn Look at the camera Peekaboo Orbit Olé, olé Shoes, stop, shoes, stop Tired, stop, tired, walk Ampharos Fashion shoot Walking makes me tired My hand is a mirror I don't like what I see Bored, bored, big eyes, bored, big eyes, stop switching so much! Bearskin rug dress Guy in my glasses I'm waking up Itchy collar weird dress Time warp victims I wanna eat the camera Product placement I wanna Jazzercise! (Up kick and switch) I really hate this floor (1, 2, lunge and stretch) I show my eyes and scream Watch out for bear head (White gazelle looks too) Stripper is shot, yeah I do the raptor As the wall ignites I am so scared Of Gaga's torn lingerie (Ugh, I need some aspirin) I jump up and swim Dramatic fire Kick, do the twist, hit myself and cry (The bed's on fire But no one cares) Riverdance now! (Where are the windows?) My arm tastes good (My hair's on fire) Back girl's almost naked (I'm scared of Gaga's glove) Spin around Retarded clapping Does this count as dancing? Turn and pose to the camera I haven't paid my bills

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