BailOut Roland Blaize's Economy

  • Posted: 3/25/2014
    • Length: 05:29
    • Plays: ???
Synopsis >

Due to the shi--y economy we couldn't afford the two letters needed to effectively describe the word we wanted to say, but because you too are feeling the sting of this economy or "RECESSION" we know you know what we're saying. A major pleasure to work with professional actors Alfred Woodley and Barry Wiggins (Check them out respectively on they both allowed their characters to live and breathe. They did this in a few takes and it was a wrap!! Thank you guys!! The rest of the cast Bucky Geddes and Demetrius Phillips aka- Milhaus and Jones are also a hilarious cop duo who hold their own. Synopsis: Roland Blaize is a guy who is pretty much a human hybrid part street, part politico in his own way but a guy with something to say. (If you care to listen) Roland feels that he was doing alright until a certain presidential administration came along and committed crimes on the highest levels of Guh'ment (Roland's words not mine) The people felt the economy down turning thus taking away much of Roland's business or (binnis) see urban dictionary. A great many of Roland Blaize's customers are unable to continue to Roll and Blaze, Medicate, or just enjoy the walking dispensary known as Roland Blaize who lets it be known that the weed man needs a bail out.

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