Banker's Paradise (Gangsters Paradise Parody)

  • Posted: 3/25/2014
    • Length: 03:43
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DOWNLOAD FREE at - do it! This is how we envision the Bankers and Government attempted to resolve the banking crisis in Ireland. Visit our Home: Follow us on Twitter: Listen on SoundCloud: Support us on BandCamp: This is an #itwasajoke production. - Shot & Cut by Jason Branagan. - Engineered by Ken Baker. - Lyrics by Jason Branagan - Featuring Kevin Branagan, Kevin Hansard, Ken Baker, Aaron Brown and Jason Branagan. - Shot on Canon EOS 600D/Cut in Final Cut Pro X We do not own rights to the music - they belong to Coolio and his label. LYRICS: As you walk through the valley of the banking crisis, Take a look at your accounts and realize there's nothing left, Cause we've been banking and laughing so long, That we fucked up a nation and now our jobs are gone. But we only the fucked the people who didn't deserve it, Working class type of people will carry the burden, But we'll resign our posts with our pensions intact, Bonus cheques on the way, ain't no looking back. Well we're gonna take a trip to the Caribbean, Leave all you poor mutha-fuckers in negative equity, We're the kinda bankers other G's wanna be like, On our knees in the night counting pennies in the street light. Been spending most our lives living in a Banker's Paradise. Look at the situation, they got us facing, We can't live normal lives nothing but greed in our eyes, We destroyed a nation, but we don't even care, We've got big bank accounts so don't worry and don't despair. We're educated fools with money on our minds, Silver spoons in our mouths and a gleam in our eyes, You're locked outta your home the bank foreclosed, While I renovate my mansion and even collect the dole. Insolvency ain't nothing but a heart beat away, You're living life dole or die what can I say, I've 23 G's but will I live to see 24, My money's in assets, so consider me broke. Why are we blinded by greed, Now everyone faces insolvency. Been spending most our lives living in a Banker's Paradise. Power and the money, money and the power, Minute after minute, hour after hour, We were once a proud nation of hero's of old, But politicians and bankers have lead to our fall. Bertie and the Brian's ripped you apart, And left Eamonn and Enda to tear our your heart, Insolvency, Austerity, You gotta know your time is running out of look. Fools.

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