(Banned from Youtube) Wacky Michael Medved the Ultra Conservative guy Ned Flanders is based on - Freakout Freakshow

  • Posted: 3/25/2014
    • Length: 10:58
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Redux version of a popular 2010 video i made that eventually got me banned unfairly from Youtube, btw i have nothing bad to say about Michael Medved he seems like a decent enouph guy albeit a bit wacky i just found the discussion very funny and a fun challenge for me to fully transpose my vision of this audio clip in video, but i'm not the hosts just a fan, this video had 5000+ views in 2 weeks, the humorless ass that wanted to shut down Freakout Freakshow channel on Youtube targeted the Confession of a Necrophile part 2 first, the next day this one here just 2 hours after i post my last Youtube video ever (a call to Zsa Zsa Gabor about the Johny Carson Pussy comment myth with a camel toe pic), and just hours after the Michael Medved Video gets pulled and gets me suspended, guess what he comes back to take down the Zsa Zsa call posted on the same day and it also gets removed for nudity...?!? That isn't there... And thus i'm kicked out of Youtube forever... and they don't care or respond. 5 attacks in 20 days on 2 channel cuz guess what he wanted to take down my other popular channel FATV1, so i disabled the videos in private and stopped the carnage and left Youtube for good in favor of Funny or Die in 2010 after noticing they hadn't removed any of my previously banned Youtube comedy videos i had re-uploaded there even when they got popular. You can now follow me at https://www.facebook.com/GodgotronComedy

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