Battle to inspire Earth | Be One with the Rap fantasies of a crazy Astronaut

  • Posted: 3/25/2014
    • Length: 02:29
    • Plays: ???
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Volandino and the 4 Pumpkin alien dancers go on a Galaxy tour, until they arrive to Earth which is in such a turmoil! What can they do? What about singing their way through the situation? Be One By Volandino and the Pumpkin Alien Dancers One morning early, looking for an answer to the suffering and pain of people all over, i came far away, in my capsule to space, to watch and understand what on earth is going on and i saw no separations, no countries, no divisions only green and blue and yellow, and ocasionally, a rainbow so listen this perspective, brought to you by volandino on a mission to discover, the secrets of the planet Look deeply stop analysing, absorb the beauty be one, with reality Listen, Don't shout before you listen everybody's got opinions, yesterday is not today, realize... before it's too late Share the goodness of your heart don't keep it in a dark tunnel the sun does not choose, everybody's got the right to enjoy the beauty Smile, laugh help balance the planet find a reason to give for each thing you receive And love, because love is the engine of good things, everybody needs a bit so go share it, wherever you may be So look after the planet, listen to all perspectives, share with the stranger, smile to the neighbor and love, with no expectations little dots in space we are beautiful dots, beautiful, all good day friend all the way, from space Be one is a rap song ideal not just for your Halloween. It contains inspiring messages that touch every part of our lives. An inspirational music video and funny song that can inspire and help you become a better person. It is also a parody that blends space with video rap and rap lyrics, and also a love song dedicated to our blue planet, earth. A rap battle between 4 pumpkin alien girl dancers and the suffering and pain of our planet. So get ready for this Halloween 2013 and beyond with the Pumpkin Aliens and Volandino the Astronaut! Get to know the Pumpkin Alien Dancers at Messy Pumpkin: Messy! Chaotic, cheerful and dreamy Master Pumpkin: Knowledgeable, intellectual, organized, great planner Diva Pumpkin: Narcissistic, extrovert, great communicator Trouble Maker Pumpkin: Unpredictable, dangerous, extrovert & generous Volandino Main Web: Share Volandino's blog and website at and subscribe to Volandino's channel on

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