Charlie Sheen National Anthem

  • Posted: 7/10/2014
    • Length: 02:17
    • Plays: ???
Synopsis > for more Sober Valley Lodge IS Jesse Shapiro and Jason Fink Music and Lyrics by Jesse Shapiro Directed & Edited by Jesse Shapiro Director of Photography Micah Slay Producer: Allison Wolf Back-up singers: Bonnie Horton & Abby Lance Red Lips: Kit Wallace Lyrics: Watch out mother fuckers there's a new drug in town It's called Charlie Sheen So you best BACK DOWN Charlie Sheen's on A Mission Charlie Sheen's at War You can't find it on the street It's not available in stores Don't fuck with his goddesses And don't fuck with his Fam Don't fuck with his Money He's a God not a Man Charlie Sheen's not Human Charlie Sheen don't play He's got pure tiger blood And Adonis DNA Chorus He fucks a lotta hookers He's a man with goals Bangs 7 GRAM ROCKS Cause that's how HE ROLLS Don't talk shit or you'll see him get mean Just wait till he fights That trick bitch Chaim Levine! That bitch has been warned That bitch has been told He took your tin cans And turned it into GOLD Chorus Charlie Sheen is clean but he bangs porn stars He's a self-proclaimed Bitchin' rock star from Mars They say he's an addict They say he's sinning They say he's bi-polar He's JUST BI-WINNING They say he's anti-semitic but it just aint true Cause he's stuck his dick In a GAZILLION JEWS Chorus

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