Chicks with Dicks

  • Posted: 8/25/2014
    • Length: 04:17
    • Plays: ???
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GO CHECK SOSERIOUS ON FACEBOOK! SUBSCRIBE, MORE VIDS COMING SOON! Lyrics: On a party I've got one mission I'm a magician, don't need permission Score some girls I use sex vision One goal: nutrition transition. Attention lady's I'm in the room Get ready for the sonic boom Let's enjoy this straighT darkroom In search for the best, most blessed breast I'm on a quest, Don't even have to do my best Just my sexyface makes her drop her vest. is there Chemistry? let's do a test Its doesn't matter, like the fact I have a small blather Back to the point I’m quit a chatter Made my selection, time for an erection My hands went down down under The Australian way, like thunder Grabbing your… wait, wait wait is that a gun in your pocket? Or a baseball bat? or a hat Or …. What is going on? what’s your name? I'm FREDDY. YOU ARE A MAN, NOT A WOMAN YOU ARE MAN, NOT A WOMAN Put your thing away not this way today no hate but I need to say it anyway: chorus: I don't like chicks with dicks No hé doesn't, Doesn't I don't like chicks with dicks No hé doesn't, Doesn't No queers, dicks or booze I want some pussy juice I don't like chicks with dicks I was in shock cause I almost ate a cock This isn't bangkok, or a treasury stock So I went home alone, NO one get blown, waste of au de cologne Not enough battery for the sexphone Time for a movie with sharon stone But that didn't last for long, Times up,round 2 for my dong nude celebs on the interweb Halfnaked chilling in my bed With my box of tissues, a lonely man without issues. Watching the queens of the night Naked solo pillow fight, what a delight The more the clicking, more the sticking Butt damn I feel alive and kicking I streamed and steamed in my room Almost time to boom, what a nice ass Full moon, I could eat it with a spoon All day and the afternoon go gogirl I want some more Show it all baby go hardcore panties on the floor and fuuuuuck SHE IS A MAN, NOT AGAIN SHE’S A MAN, NOT AGAIN Its the second time, It just can’t be right My boner just died in my hands tonight Hey, Hey don't get me wrong, I don't hate chicks with a dong It's not about wrong or not about right You can do what you want, it's a human right this song is about my reaction to that humiliation Shit, it was a crazy confrontation. But I'm glad I stayed cool, glad I didn't act like a fool I just want my d*ck and a vagina Or maybe two vagina's But for my now just dance, get in trance, have fun and sing along! Credits: All rights to: Soserious Produced by: 9000 KNOBS & Soserious Lyrics: Soserious Concept and idea: Soserious Filmed by: Fabrice Edited & montage: Soserious Make-up: Tine Monstrey Hairstyle: Mehmet Location: White Cat Ghent Soserious is: Jens Simoens Special thx to: Bram Nevejans (9000 knobs), Amaury Volckaert (bold guy in the video), Frederik Vandewalle, Roel De Witte, Zana Roobroeck and everyone else who helped with this song.

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