Cigar Guy (Cigar Man) at the Ryder Cup

  • Posted: 7/10/2014
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Synopsis > - Golf’s Ryder Cup finished in dramatic fashion as Team Europe beat the United States in the final match. Even more dramatic was this photograph taken just moments before Tiger Woods’ hit the lens of this camera. Did you see that. The guy with the mustache and cigar. People are calling him "Cigar Man," I'm calling Mr. Awesome...Mustache Man...fine Cigar Man. Welcome to Ride The Pine...Let’s Talk Sports! Donovan McNabb returned to Philadelphia over the weekend and helped his Washington Redskins defeat the Philadelphia Eagles in an ugly, gross, and disgusting 17-12 win. People were wondering all week how the Philly crowd would react to McNabb’s return. On our poll last week on, 67% off you said that you would rather have Michael Vick as your starting quarterback than Donovan McNabb. Which is probably how the Eagles felt in the second half of their game against the Redskins. Kevin Kolb looked ineffective as Captain Checkdown and his inability to throw down field. Kolb is averaging 5-yards per pass attempt this season. Eagles' running back LeSean McCoy is averaging 5.5 yards per carry, thats an issue. What’s more alarming is the Eagles receivers are not bought in to Kevin Kolb. One of the only deep passes in the fourth quarter, I saw Desean Jackson give a one arm out-half hearted effort that might have been able to be brought in with a dive. Eagles fan haven't seen anything like that since Ricky Watters. Rewatch the second half of that game, I’m right. Enough football talk, the major league baseball playoffs are kicking off and its time to give some predictions... I got the Tampa Bay Rays in a sweep over the Texas Rangers. The Minnesota Twins in 4 over the New York Yankees. San Francisco Giants with a sweep of the Atlanta Braves The Philadelphia Phillies in a nailbitting 5 games over the Cincinnati Reds. Head over to to discuss who you think will win in the divisional round. A big story that is kicking off the NBA preseason, was Kobe Bryant’s proclamation that he would beat Lebron James in a One-on-One game. Well that is our poll on - Vote NOW on who you think would win in that match-up. Let’s get going ESPN that would be great television ratings. I’ll even give you the format, best of three spread out over three weeks. Time for Caption This in 3,2,1... This episode of Ride The Pine is brought to you by Footlocker Click here to save 15% off on Footlocker has great fan aparel from Tim Tebow to Brett Favre’s jersey, to soccer and football cleats or anything for you athletic needs. Use Footlocker Coupon AFALEXFL out checkout and save 15% off! Subcribe to Ride The Pine in iTunes Follow @RTPSports on Twitter Like Ride The Pine Facebook Fan Page Ride The Pine YouTube Channel For discounts, coupons, and promo codes check out Ride The Pine on Mevio Coupons

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