Cranky Hippy Preview: New Millennium Party People!

  • Posted: 3/25/2014
    • Length: 06:42
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Sure, they do have reason to fear. Some of their leaders are going to be charged and likely convicted of crimes which bring shame to us all, debts which we can never repay to widows and orphans. Their version of "history" will again have to be revised, their cultural dominance over the land and white authority will be transformed once again. New ways of dealing with war, actual dialogue and diplomacy will have to be allowed in their world of total control, and they might have to redefine what they mean by "America." They desperately need you to share their fears and join their mode of attack. And don't think too deeply about it. On the other hand, the Obama campaign with historic precedence has shown great ability to rise above the relentless attacks by running on "Aloha power." Imagine. Hope. Change. True non-violent communication in the face of the old-guard rattling of rusty swords. Young energy and innovation challenging the creaking, corrupted old communicators. People of all tones and cultures feeling part of the country, rising up with representation and beauty. A promise of better days ahead, without fear, breaking the old mental chains. With days of great history ahead, America is phalanxed by the febrile, fearful crowds still being moved like cattle by the far-right-- streaming now toward the fresh air blowing down from the mountains, dancing out into the sunshine breaking through the storm clouds. Maybe we'll have world peace by Christmas. Let us now dream. Aloha power to you & yours B. Z. Burnbridge Independents for Obama 2008 Perception Recovery Project Galaxy Garden HyperCast "The world is now too dangerous for anything less than Utopia." -- Buckminster Fuller One Nation Under Greed I pledge a grievance to the flag-waving warmongers of America and the crooked Republicans who stand on us a divided nation under guard indefensible with suspicion and shame for all oh wickedness of chem-trail skies genetically modified grain clearcut mountains a travesty above the strip-malled plains America hysteria man sheds his waste on thee and impounds thy goods for secret brotherhoods from sea to oily sea Indigènes de vétérans de Hawaïens de nations des ghostlands de l'Amérique "Freedom is what you do with what's been done to you." -- Jean-Paul Sartre

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