• Posted: 7/10/2014
    • Length: 01:37
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I always wanted to sing a Movie Musical type Song about Dog Shit. DOG SHIT: THE MUSICAL Good morning to you sir And your fine dog sir. A fine day for a walk sir It's a beautiful day But waite sir What is your dog doing now sir On my beautiful lawn sir The lawn that i love He's squatting his ass sir And squinching his face sir He's taking a shit sir A really huge shit. Oh my god your mutt is shitting all over my beautiful lawn. The lawn that I regulary inspect for disease, insects and weeds The lawn that I fertilize, water and mow. The lawn that I raised from just seeds! Sir you must pick up that dog shit You really need to pick up that dog shit I demand that you pick up that dog shit And i don't care that you don't have a tissue To pick up that dog shit Use your hands!!! Dog shit I don't want to step in you! Dog shit I don't want you on my shoe Dog shit I don't want to have to remember to Have to walk around you Thank you for picking up the dog shit sir I really appreciate that you picked up the dog shit sir But what are you doing now sir! Don't you dare throw that dog shit at me sir You threw that dog shit at me sir It got in my mouth, you got your dog shit in my fucking mouth! Now i will have my revenge on you sir Cause i am going to follow you home sir And shit all over your yard! That's right i don't have a dog sir So i am going to shit my human shit all over your yard Like your dog did on mine! And i will probably throw my human shit at your house too And maybe even rub shit on your car and wife and kids and dog and then rub your nose in my shit toooo Cause i will have my re-veange sir. Yes I WILL HAVE MY REVEANGE on you SHUT the fuck UP!!!

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