Days of Our Lives

Episode #10686 Monday October 29, 2007

  • Aired: 10/29/2007
    • Length: 38:21
    • Plays: ???
Synopsis >

Lucas refuses to give Sami a divorce so she can marry EJ. Sami is afraid the DiMeras will come after the babies or her family. Lucas convinces her he'll protect them, but later Sami dreams that her family is dead because she didn't marry EJ. Sami wakes up screaming and tells Lucas she's getting the divorce with or without his help. EJ finds Kate looking at her newborn grandchildren in the hospital nursery. He asks her to help him make sure the divorce happens. Kate is tempted but refuses. She relates how Lucas let her hold one of the babies and she's not going to do anything to jeopardize their fragile peace. Then the nurse changes the name cards on the babies' bassinettes from Roberts to Horton. A hurt Kate tells EJ she'll help. He thinks they have to convince Lucas that Kate's life will be in danger if the vendetta doesn't end. Kate reluctantly agrees. Max tells Nick and Billie that Chelsea is missing. In private, Nick gets a phone call from a frightened Chelsea, who is being held hostage. A man gets on the phone and tells Nick to meet him at an abandoned building and not to tell anyone. Nick arrives and is upset when he realizes Artemis and DeMarquette have followed him. He tells them to hide and then finds Chelsea in a room, standing on top of a bomb. The man tells him to hand over the boys, and the two men struggle. The man gets the upper hand, throwing Nick into the room with Chelsea before taking off to chase the boys. Nick and Chelsea are left to deal with the bomb...

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