Days of Our Lives

Episode #10698 Wednesday November 14, 2007

  • Aired: 11/14/2007
    • Length: 38:20
    • Plays: ???
Synopsis >

Lucas demands Kate give back the gun he gave her so it can't be traced back to him. Kate says she handed it over to Philip, and Lucas freaks out. Lucas questions Kate about whether or not she fired the gun... and if Sami was her target. Kate dodges the question, then turns the tables on Lucas, wondering if he fired his gun - it wouldn't be the first time he shot Sami's groom on her wedding day. Kate insists that if he did, she'd take the fall for him - that's how much she loves him. Sami finds EJ an emotional wreck and tries to use tough love to get him to fight for his life. EJ is in great despair and won't listen. Sami invokes their son and begs EJ to hold on for him. He says he can't be a good father now and encourages Sami to file for an annulment and go back to Lucas. He snaps at her to get out and leave him the hell alone. Sami flees the room, telling Stefano she did what she could, but EJ wishes he were dead. She returns home to Lucas and reports what EJ said. Lucas is thrilled by the news, but Sami is still torn. Lucas looks forward to raising the twins together, while Sami has a vision of Colleen, who tells her not to give up on EJ. Back at the hospital, EJ starts to convulse as Stefano watches in horror. Kayla finds Steve scoping out the crime scene in the church and questions where he went after the intervention at the church. Steve lies and says he was at an auto parts store. Kayla doesn't quite believe him. The Alpha Chi Theta girls gather at the dean's office for Ford's hearing. Ford smugly gloats that he'll be proven innocent. Morgan and Chelsea stand up to him, while Billie and Jett try to keep everyone calm. Ford's powerful father (and lawyer) arrives, and the girls are stunned to learn he's old friends with the dean. Cordy finally shows up, but announces she can't bring herself to testify against Ford.

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