Days of Our Lives

Episode #10730 Monday December 31, 2007

  • Aired: 12/31/2007
    • Length: 38:20
    • Plays: ???
Synopsis >

Lucas is about to escape to Mexico with Kate, when Sami arrives. She begs him not to abandon his family, but he feels he doesn't have a choice. Sami knows the evidence is stacked against him but is sure the truth will prevail. Lucas tells her the truth is that he did shoot EJ! A stunned Sami is furious that Lucas may have started another war with the DiMeras and put the twins at risk. She blasts him for not trusting her to handle the situation. Lucas apologizes and reaches out for her, but she recoils. Kate presses Lucas to leave. She reveals that Sami found him with EJ's help and that EJ is at the apartment right now watching the babies. Sirens are heard, and Kate tells Lucas they have to leave now! The police arrive before they can escape, and Roman arrests Lucas. While EJ watches Allie and Johnny, Stefano and a bodyguard arrive unannounced. Stefano wants to take Johnny for a walk. EJ, afraid Stefano will whisk the baby off to Italy, refuses to hand him over. Stefano accuses his son of siding with Sami over him. EJ warns his father to back off, or he'll tell everyone about his mysterious house guest. Stefano storms out. Belle and Shawn look forward to their future as they decorate the pub for New Year's Eve. When Shawn leaves the room, Philip enters the pub and tells Belle they need to talk. He's seductive as he tries to get her to admit she wants him. Belle tells him to get out right as Shawn enters. She threatens Philip with a restraining order. Philip leaves, frustrated and angry. Shawn is effusive, more confident than ever about their future. Belle knows it can't be built on a lie and finally tells Shawn she slept with Philip! Chloe calls Philip from the police station where a Viennese police inspector waits to question her. Philip goes to Chloe, who tells him the real reason she's in trouble - the police think she had something to do with Brady's disappearance. She swears some men broke into their apartment and took Brady, leaving her behind. But Brady cut himself, and his blood, combined with their history of loud arguments, makes her look guilty. She begs Philip for help, and he agrees - but wants something in return.

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