Days of Our Lives

Episode #10796 Wednesday April 2, 2008

  • Aired: 4/2/2008
    • Length: 38:13
    • Plays: ???
Synopsis >

John is talking to Rolf about his business dealings with the Kiriakis clan when Marlena shows up. John's happy to see her but hides it. Sami and EJ arrive and tell them they have a problem. They need John and Marlena's help. EJ explains how he needs to stay in this country but can't afford his apartment. Neither can Sami. EJ tells them he got a job with Mickey but it doesn't pay much. John gets out his check book and asks how much they need. Sami explains it's more complicated. They need to include their family in their lives. The immigration agent is suspicious because they do not live together, so they thought maybe they could move in with Marlena. Marlena doesn't have room. She thinks Sami and EJ should stay with John. Both John and Sami object. Sami will not live with strange John and EJ alone. Marlena and Sami have a private chat, and decide EJ, Sami, the twins and Marlena will all move in to the DiMera mansion with John. John agrees and figures he can keep an eye on EJ, since he's a bit suspicious of Stefano's son. It's dinnertime at the Kiriakis mansion. Victor and Philip discuss the trouble on the docks. Chloe sits down and Victor gives her nothing but a scowl. Chelsea comes to the table. Victor's thrilled to have his granddaughter here during her recovery. In fact, he's invited a guest. Daniel walks in and Chelsea blushes. Daniel sits next to Chelsea. As dinner begins, Kate enters. She's sorry to interrupt but she came to check on her granddaughter. Vic invites her to dinner. Daniel entertains them with his tales and Chelsea is captivated. They all have a lovely dinner until Daniel brings up having heard Chloe sing in Europe. Vic jumps in with the news of the scandal about Chloe's husband, Brady who is missing. Chloe leaves in tears and Philip goes to comfort her. Daniel apologizes for bringing it up. Chelsea jumps in, and gives Daniel a crash course in the family history. Daniel never knew Victor's family tree was so complicated. Suddenly, the doorbell rings again, and Nicole is standing in the doorway, luggage and all.

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