Days of Our Lives

Episode #10907 Tuesday September 9, 2008

  • Aired: 9/9/2008
    • Length: 37:45
    • Plays: ???
Synopsis >

Steve calls Stephanie to find out why she hasn't returned from France. Steve remembers when Trent asked him for any information on Nick and Stephanie. Steve calls Hope to pull up info on Trent. Hope brings in the background check on Trent, informing Steve that Trent is still married. Trent's record is otherwise clean. Steve wants to find out who his wife is to gain more insight. Nicole listens in nervously. Stephanie, Max, and Nick are unable to find Melanie. Stephanie and Max return to their hotel room while Nick continues looking for Melanie. Chelsea surprises them by showing up in France. They bring Chelsea up to speed about Max's sister. Max and Steph disagree about Melanie. Nick calls and tells Max he has found Melanie. He's about to tell him where she is when the call gets dropped. Max leaves to get the call traced, relieved that Nick is with Melanie. Stephanie is concerned that Max will be hurt emotionally dealing with Melanie's dysfunctional life. Chelsea tells Stephanie to support Max with his difficult journey of self discovery and to keep her eye on Melanie, but give her a chance. Melanie is on one of her friend's yachts getting ready to party. Trent calls Melanie and is forced to admit he has been gambling and is strapped for cash. Mel is upset and begs her father to stop. He tells her he needs her to have a drink with his old friend Claude. Melanie refuses. She remembers Claude and thinks he's a creep. Nick shows up and surprises Melanie. Nick is confronted by a thug who knocks him unconscious. Claude shows up and tries to get physical with Melanie. Nick comes to and tries to help Melanie, but can't. He yells out and gets shot by the thug. Nick goes down. Hearing the gun fire, Max kicks the door down and rushes in, followed by the French cops. Kayla thanks Steve over the phone for starting his P.I. business so she can spend more time with the baby. Kayla sees a patient who turns out to be Kate. Kate is having problems with a bad cough, but tells Kayla she's too busy to get the recommended x-rays. Kate leaves, and runs into Daniel, who is sad having just seen Chelsea's picture on his cell. He finds out from Kayla about Kate's condition. He approaches Kate, upset that she won't have the tests. Having won joint custody of Allie, Lucas takes her to the Horton cabin. It's her first night away from Sami. Chloe comments on the rustic qualities of the home, but Lucas puts a romantic spin on things. The romance is cut short, when Allie starts crying. Chloe tries to comfort the baby, but tells Lucas it's not going to work. He wants her to give it time. Morgan meets with Chris, Kate's assistant, who already knows she's the potential intern, Anna recommended. Chris has done research on her. Morgan is worried her father's past will ruin her chances, but he assures her it won't. Morgan wants to back out when she finds out she'd be working for Kate. Without knowing who it is, Kate gives Chris the go ahead to hire her. Morgan is wary.

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