Days of Our Lives

Episode #10914 Thursday September 18, 2008

  • Aired: 9/18/2008
    • Length: 38:11
    • Plays: ???
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Lexie is being called before the hospital board. They will be reviewing Lexie's performance as Chief of Staff, mainly because she has missed so many important meetings and budget deadlines. They feel her loyalties are torn and she is not devoting enough time to her duties. Victor, Julie, and Mickey are on the board and Daniel has been called to testify. Eleanor Thomas, head of the board, believes Lexie's performance as C.O.S. needs to be examined. Daniel, who has worked in many different hospitals, is put on the hot seat. Eleanor wants Daniel's opinion. Daniel defends Lexie in every way, saying she cares about her patients and the inner workings of the hospital. Daniel believes Lexie is dedicated and works very hard for University Hospital. Philip runs into Kate, who's coughing and trying to catch her breath. She tells Philip she's fine. He doesn't buy it. Philip takes Kate to the hospital and insists she get checked out immediately. Daniel shows up and gets Kate settled into a cubicle. She's put on oxygen and told to rest. Daniel is called away to testify for Lexie. He will order further tests when he returns. Philip stays with Kate and they share a warm mother/son moment. She starts to cough again and this time Kate coughs up blood. Roman gets a call from the new mayor who's on his way to see Roman and Abe. The mayor arrives and tells them they have a serious problem. He is not happy about the Salem P.D.'s response to the hospital lockdown. He feels it was sloppy and inept. The city council is now calling on the mayor to seek someone's resignation. The mayor asks which one of them will resign? Abe and Roman defend the departments' actions, citing the command center they set up in the trauma center. The mayor says it was not good enough. Abe will not allow the mayor to slam his department. They argue and Abe eventually accuses the mayor of taking a bribe from Stefano DiMera. The mayor is outraged and offended by Abe's accusations. Abe decides he can do more good on the outside in the private sector. Abe resigns so he can work outside law enforcement. He is still determined to bring Stefano DiMera down. Nicole is at the pub as EJ enters. She's drinking orange juice since she's not feeling too well. She tells EJ she must have a bug of some kind. Nicole tells EJ they should run off together - go live on a private island. EJ thinks it sounds tempting, but he can't leave Salem. His son and his life are here. EJ still wants to explore a relationship with Nicole. Nicole is thrilled but warns him that if they do end up together, Sami can not be a part of the picture. EJ reminds her Sami will always be Johnny's mother, but that's it. Nicole understands, as long as Sami is not in EJ's bed, she can deal. Nicole asks EJ when they are going out.

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