Days of Our Lives

Episode #10929 Thursday October 9, 2008

  • Aired: 10/9/2008
    • Length: 38:16
    • Plays: ???
Synopsis >

Nick is still in jail and Hope pays him a visit. She's blunt with him about his drinking and driving. The subject of Zack comes up and he feels horrible. Chelsea arrives and tries to talk to him. She knows first hand the consequences of reckless driving, but adding alcohol to the mix is beyond stupid. She asks him why he was turning to alcohol and he explains his feeling for feeling responsible for everything that has happened with Max, Trent and Melanie. Chelsea doesn't buy it, and thinks he's hiding something. She notices his hand is bruised and Nick tells her it's nothing. Close by, Melanie comes in and hears a different explanation than what she told Nick. Chelsea tells Nick that he hadn't put Max and Trent together; they would have never found Melanie. After Chelsea leaves, Melanie goes to Nick, asking what happened and he can't tell her until he's released. Bo gets a moment alone with Melanie who plays the role of an innocent victim big time. Bo doesn't buy her act and warns that he will be watching her. Melanie thinks he should be watching someone with a real motive. Later, Philip arrives at the station with a tip about Trent's wallet and Melanie. At the station the D.A. isn't moving forward with charges for Max. He's free to go. Max and Stephanie go to the Brady Pub and talk about how there is no room for secrets in their relationship. Little does Stephanie know, Trent's wallet has been planted in her bag by Melanie and Max finds it! Abe meets with Mr. Gamzon and his new campaign manager, Evan. They talk about finalizing his plans to run for Mayor. Lexie joins him and is supportive. The current Mayor arrives and insults Abe. After the Mayor leaves, Abe vows to fight for the Mayor's job. Lexie and Abe return to the park to find Theo's babysitter distraught because Theo is missing. Philip has lunch with Nicole and they discuss Chloe. Kate is upset that the results are still not in. Having been held in the hospital overnight after her biopsy, Kate is furious and wants to go home, but Daniel encourages her to stay. Daniel pleas fall on deaf ears as Kate, even though she's clearly struggling, leaves.

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