Days of Our Lives

Episode #11047 Friday March 27, 2009

  • Aired: 3/27/2009
    • Length: 38:07
    • Plays: ???
Synopsis >

Sami says good-bye to the convent, knowing she'll miss the good memories of the place where she spent the first weeks of her daughter's life. While Rafe takes a phone call, Sami meets Sister Agnes and asks about Rafe's past. Sister Agnes hints at a tragedy, but will say no more, urging Sami to treat Rafe well. When Rafe returns, Sami tells him she wants to christen Grace. Will Rafe be the godparent? Rafe agrees and the christening begins. Daniel tells Chloe he's sorry he hurt her, and wishes her nothing but happiness. Lucas arrives and Chloe makes an excuse about why she's with Daniel, and leaves for her check-up. Lucas thanks Daniel for urging him to elope with Chloe. Later, at the Brady pub, Chloe learns that her doctor retired and she'll have to find a new one. She grows nauseated when she's about to eat a hamburger, but assures Lucas its just exhaustion. After he leaves on a Hearth & Home emergency, Chloe checks her calendar, counting dates and is not happy with her discovery. Bo lies to Hope about his worry of his visions, not telling her he foresaw her in bed with Roman. Hope becomes privately concerned for him. EJ and Stefano discuss Tony's leaving the family. EJ thinks more is going on than meets the eye, and believes it might have something to do with Nicole. Stefano is determined to make Tony pay for abandoning his family. Meanwhile, Nicole watches Tony and Philip fight. Tony gets the best of Philip as Philip slices open his hand. As Tony begins to move off, Philip entices him, calling him back to the duel. While Tony makes his way back, the railing on the stairs gives way, and he falls on a broken wooden pallet, where a fragment of wood pierces deeply into Tony's back. Nicole comes out of hiding, and Philip yells for her to call 911. Nicole hesitates at first, but finally calls due to Philips reinforcement. She then calls EJ to tell him Tony was hurt and is on his way to the hospital. Philip tries to remind Nicole that Tony's fall and injury was an accident, but she stays silent. At the hospital, Bo breaks up a confrontation between Stefano, EJ, and Philip. Daniel tells them that Tony's chances of survival are not good, and Stefano doesn't think Daniel is the right person to be Tony's doctor due to his Kiriakis connection. Philip tells Bo that Nicole witnessed everything and can attest that it was an accident. Nicole slips into Tony's room, and the two lock eyes.

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