Days of Our Lives

Episode #11422 Tuesday, September 21, 2010

  • Aired: 9/21/2010
    • Length: 37:45
    • Plays: ???
Synopsis >

Sami worries that Stefano will retaliate against Will, thinking Will is the one who shot EJ. Just as she’s about to confess, Stefano gets a call from Lexie that there’s been a change in EJ. At the same time, Rafe is concerned Will shot EJ and tries to get the message across that he won’t turn in Will. They get called by Sami to the hospital. Will tells Sami he thinks they should tell Rafe the truth, but Sami doesn’t want to put Rafe in a bad position. She promises Will if it comes to it, she’ll confess, saving both Will and Rafe from this nightmare. Later, Sami makes love to Rafe as if for the last time. Meanwhile, EJ speaks again, this time Lexie hears him say Sami’s name. Kate is troubled by Stefano’s suspicions of Will, and asks him to please not act on anything now. However after Kate leaves, Stefano vows he must punish whoever shot his son. Warden Jane Smith cautions Hope, and says she’s worried about her. Hope tries to stay strong, but unfortunately, someone is out to get her. Meanwhile, Bo tells Carly the good news about Vivian leaving, but Carly doesn’t believe it and thinks Vivian is up to something. Ciara and Carly share a bonding moment over thinking Vivian is scary. Ciara gives Carly a gift. Bo and Carly are happy, until Bo gets a call from the prison - Hope has been attacked! Using an audio feed, Brady taunts Vivian, who’s locked in the sarcophagus. On the monitor, Vivian sees Victor order Justin to file immediately for divorce on grounds of desertion. Victor takes Maggie up to Vivian’s room to prove Vivian really has gone. Brady is troubled off a call from Bo suggesting they investigate. Brady checks the mausoleum to make sure there are no loose ends. Maggie enters on him talking to Vivian. Brady covers, and says he was having final words with him mom. After he leaves, Maggie finds one of Vivian’s earrings on the floor.

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