Days of Our Lives

Episode #11848 Wednesday, May 23, 2012

  • Aired: 5/23/2012
    • Length: 37:05
    • Plays: ???
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Carrie reels over the result of her home pregnancy test – she’s pregnant. She’s clearly torn, knowing the baby is Austin’s but wanting so badly to tell her husband she is in love with Rafe. However, Carrie keeps quiet – about everything. She puts up a good front for Austin while they finish their meal at the Brady Pub. When she steps away from the table, Austin accidentally discovers the pregnancy test in her purse. He’s stunned – and beyond thrilled. He joyously confirms the news with Carrie, who has a hard time covering her mixed feelings. Just then, Rafe and Nicole enter – and Austin can’t help but share the good news. Rafe is shell-shocked as he and Carrie share a fraught look. Nicole, feeling bad for Rafe, quickly ushers him out. Rafe looks back in deep pain as Austin kisses Carrie, knowing he may have lost her for good. Earlier, Rafe drops by Nicole’s to check up on her and her unborn baby. Nicole is glad he no longer has to “play dead” but realizes his main focus from now on will be Carrie. She stuffs her growing feelings for Rafe, and wishes him luck – she can see how much he loves Carrie. Rafe promises Nicole to keep up the ruse of being the father of her child to protect them against EJ. He assures Carrie will also keep the secret. Abe brings Lexie home after she fainted at the police station. Celeste is concerned for her daughter, but Lexie insists she’s fine and doesn’t need to go to the hospital. Seeing Abe’s worry, Lexie consents to having Daniel come by and check her out. While Abe and Celeste head out to get her some soup, Lexie confides to Daniel that she is clearly nearing the end. He confirms she probably only has days, not months, to live. Lexie makes him promise not to tell anyone – she wants to make the most of what time she has left. Daniel agrees. Meanwhile, Roman gives Abe a file, which confirms the tunnel where Lexie was held contains toxic gases. Abe is furious; to him, this proves Stefano is at fault for his wife’s illness. Roman talks down his friend, who is determined to keep this from Lexie. But once she passes, Abe’s going after Stefano full-force. Roman later reports this to Shane and they worry for their friend. At the same time, Abe goes back home to Lexie and she falls asleep in his arms, dreaming of their romantic dance from earlier. John, Marlena, Bo and Hope are furious over Stefano slipping through their fingers once again. Their anger builds as they recount the terrible things he’s done to them and their families over the last 30 years. In their fury and frustration, they vow to bring DiMera down. And when Bo once again points out they won’t be safe until Stefano is neutralized, all four of them silently acknowledge this must happen – no matter what it takes.

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