Days of Our Lives

Episode #11869 Friday, June 22, 2012

  • Aired: 6/22/2012
    • Length: 37:13
    • Plays: ???
Synopsis >

At the DiMera mansion, EJ studies the document Stefano showed him that proves EJ is not his son. Will arrives to work and notes EJ is unsettled. When Rafe, Roman and Spencer (now in charge of the case) arrive, Will notices EJ stuffing the document in his jacket, piquing his curiosity. The police rattle EJ’s cage a little and let him know he’s their primary suspect – hoping that by telling him this he’ll get nervous and make a mistake that could lead them to the evidence they need to make an arrest. Rafe takes the lead and attempts to trip EJ up, but EJ gives nothing away. After the police leave, Will sees EJ accidentally drop the document… and once alone in the room, he approaches to take a closer look – unaware of the secrets it holds. Kate is thrilled to learn she’s to be a grandmother and insists on celebrating with Carrie and Austin. Austin assures Kate that he and Carrie have put the mistakes they’ve each made behind them… but later Kate sees Carrie react when Rafe arrives and she’s not so sure there aren’t lingering feelings. She gets Carrie aside after a fun morning of shopping for maternity clothes and then drops the hammer, flatly telling her daughter-in-law she’d best not hurt Austin or there will be hell to pay. Carrie’s caught off guard and when Austin returns, Kate makes like everything is peachy… though Carrie’s left a little speechless. Kate eyes her hard, confident her message has been sent. Nicole arrives at Daniel’s office to thank him for allowing her to switch the DNA tests and thereby keeping EJ from learning the baby she carries is his. Daniel openly wonders how much of a “poor me” act Nicole employed to get him to help her out and she gets her back up. But it’s all in good fun: she suggests he went along just to see how far she’d go. But they both acknowledge the kiss they shared was far more spontaneous than it was calculated… especially the feelings it generated in them both. They’re about to kiss once more and see how far that electricity can carry them… but at the last moment, Daniel’s summoned elsewhere in the hospital. They’re both affected and disappointed by the interruption.

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