Days of Our Lives

Episode #11870 Monday, June 25, 2012

  • Aired: 6/25/2012
    • Length: 37:12
    • Plays: ???
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Just when it looks like Will is going to uncover EJ’s secret (that he’s not Stefano’s son), EJ returns and yanks the piece of paper out of Will’s hand. Will questions him, but EJ reveals nothing. Later, EJ meets with Stefano’s lawyer, Arthur, to discuss his “father’s” will. EJ tries to explain away Stefano’s revisions as a power play to keep EJ under his thumb. He’s surprised when Arthur says he knows for a fact EJ’s not Stefano’s son. But Arthur assures he’ll never breathe a word of it to anyone – especially after EJ threatens him. Will faces public scrutiny after the local paper reports how he was exonerated for Stefano’s murder – outing him in the process. Sonny tells him he’ll get used to the stares and comments, but Will wonders if he was better off in the closet. Sonny’s shocked and concerned when he learns his friend is back under DiMera’s employ. Will admits he’s looking for dirt to use against DiMera, and Sonny thinks he’s asking for trouble. He’s even more concerned when Will admits EJ’s got something on him – just in time for his parents to hear this last part. Earlier, Sami and Lucas share a day of remembering all they’ve been through and marveling at the fact that they found their way back to each other. But just when it seems they’ve finally gotten past all the drama in their lives, they see the headline outing Will and worry their son’s troubles are just beginning. Daniel is surprised when he walks into his office and discovers Nicole, who felt they didn’t finish what they started earlier. When Daniel starts to question, Nicole silences him with a kiss that leads to lovemaking. They wonder why they never got together before and each one recalls the negative impressions they had of the other. They decide to make sure the attraction is real by having sex again. It’s a somber day for Bo and Hope as they prepare for Lexie’s funeral, her death a reminder of how lucky they are to still be together after having almost lost each other so many times. They vow never to take their love for granted again. Later, Ciara worries her mommy will leave her the way Theo’s did. Bo and Hope reassure their daughter and urge her to be a friend to Theo through this trying time.

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