Days of Our Lives

Episode #11920 Tuesday, September 18, 2012

  • Aired: 9/18/2012
    • Length: 37:15
    • Plays: ???
Synopsis >

Jennifer is deeply concerned after overhearing EJ threaten to destroy Daniel’s career for helping Nicole. She confronts Nicole and voices her suspicion that EJ, not Rafe, is the father of Nicole’s baby and that Daniel is lying for her. The two women get into it big time, with Jennifer furious that Nicole is compromising Daniel’s integrity and his career. Nicole reveals she and Daniel slept together and implies there’s still a connection. Abigail comes in on the fight. Jennifer goes off to work and Nicole feigns concern for Abigail’s mother. She notes Jennifer’s bursts of anger since Jack died and warns Abigail not to believe anything her mother says about Nicole. Daniel learns Melanie is moving the wedding up and expresses his opposition. She’s defiant. Later, Daniel declines Maxine’s invitation to participate in welcoming Jennifer back to the hospital, explaining he and Jennifer aren’t really friends anymore. Later, Jennifer confronts him about Nicole, believing she is going to destroy his life. Sami reveals to EJ that Rafe wants nothing to do with her. Still, she can’t commit to EJ right now. She needs to focus on her kids and work right now. To Sami’s surprise, EJ’s not all that upset since is he privately planning to destroy Rafe. EJ offers advice to Chad regarding his upcoming wedding, the problem with Nick – and the complication of an unnamed girl (Gabi). EJ’s dubious about people changing, confirming Chad’s bad opinion of Nick (already stoked by what he read about Nick on the internet). Meanwhile, Gabi and Nick grow a little closer while working together. Later, Abigail drags Gabi along to help Melanie with wedding stuff. They see Melanie’s upset about everyone’s disapproval of the wedding and they promise they’ll support her any way they can. Melanie quizzes Gabi about Nick since they’re working together – she knows Gabi will warn her if it seems he’s a danger to her again. Later, Chad’s outside the Brady Pub when he sees Gabi and Nick with their heads together and he grows angry as he imagines they’re conspiring to break up him and Melanie. Sami sends Will on an errand to the Kiriakis mansion. While there, Will overhears Justin and Adrienne arguing about the Sonny getting involved with Will. Justin approves, but Adrienne most definitely does not. While she likes Will as a person, she believes he’s too screwed up for Sonny. Will’s shaken when he returns to Sami, who notes his change in mood – earlier, he seemed happy about an upcoming date. Will blurts the date was with Sonny, and he’s canceling. Sami finally gets the reason out of her son: Will thinks he’s not good enough for Sonny.

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