Days of Our Lives

Episode #11957 Thursday, November 8, 2012

  • Aired: 11/8/2012
    • Length: 37:08
    • Plays: ???
Synopsis >

Daniel gently confronts Nicole with the fact that she already knew her baby was dead when she accused Jennifer. As Nicole screams her denial, EJ, Rafe and Brady burst in. Daniel tries to take Nicole to a private place, but she refuses. Finally, in front of everyone, he reluctantly confronts her with documents from Dr. Sedwick to back up his claim. Everyone’s in shock as Daniel finally gets Nicole to admit the truth. Daniel makes it clear to one and all that it was not her fault that her baby died. Abigail confronts Nicole for charging Jennifer with murder when she knew the baby was already dead! Daniel finally convinces Nicole to speak to him alone. She tries to explain, and with her warped logic, hopes to convince him everything truly was Jennifer’s fault. Jennifer finally comes in, giving Nicole the chance to run away… back to the town square. She races up the stairs, the scene of her confrontation with Jennifer. Daniel follows. Nicole tells him to stand back and pulls the scalpel from her purse as Jennifer, Brady, Rafe, EJ and Abigail all arrive to witness her falling apart. John doesn’t believe Kristen arrived at the cabin by coincidence and accuses her of stalking him. Kristen denies this and runs out to try to catch the last ferry of the day, but it’s too late. On her return, John confronts her again, insisting she tell him why she came here and how she got in. She shows him the key and says she came to exorcise her memories of John. This is a place where they shared so many memories. She just wanted to remember those innocent, happier times, before everything turned so bad. She breaks down, shivering from the emotions (and the cold). John finally softens and gives Kristen his jacket. She doesn’t want his jacket – all she wants from him is something he can never give her! Meanwhile, Marlena opens up to Hope about her fears that Kristen will not only drive a wedge between her and John, but will also affect her relationship with her children, especially Sami. Later, Sami and Marlena have a rapprochement, and Sami reveals she’s been trying to reach Kristen for hours with no success… Earlier, Nick and Gabi make love again, then run into Sami at the pub. She picks up on their uneasiness and realizes they are an item. Gabi asks her not to tell Rafe. Sami is protective of Gabi with Nick, who swears he won’t hurt her. He really cares about Gabi. Sami talks to him about a possible job at Countess Wilhelmina. Later, Gabi goes back upstairs and is surprised by a romantic scene Nick has set up for her. He tells her he loves her; she loves him too. They make love again.

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