Days of Our Lives

Episode #11958 Friday, November 9, 2012

  • Aired: 11/9/2012
    • Length: 37:08
    • Plays: ???
Synopsis >

An emotional Nicole, her lies having been exposed, wields a scalpel, threatening to kill herself on the town square staircase. Daniel tries to talk her down as concerned Rafe, EJ, Brady, Jennifer and Abigail look on. Devastated Nicole claims she can’t go on after having lost her baby and now Daniel, too – the pain is overwhelming. Daniel tries desperately to get through to her and finally manages to get Nicole to drop the scalpel. But his relief is short-lived when Nicole decides to fling herself off the side of the staircase. Rafe, who approached from the top of the stairs, and Daniel are able to stop her in time. At the hospital, a detached Nicole gives her statement to Rafe, detailing how and why she framed Jennifer for the death of her baby. Meanwhile, Brady apologizes to Jennifer for jumping to conclusions and being so harsh. She accepts his apology. At the same time, EJ studies his baby’s autopsy and admits to Daniel he believes no one was at fault for his son’s death. He points out he is still angry with Nicole and Daniel for their deception regarding the paternity… but he’s willing to let Daniel off the hook this one time. Later, everyone re-groups (minus EJ) and asks Rafe what will happen to Nicole. Rafe somberly notes she is facing some serious charges. While at the hospital, Abigail tells Cameron she’s sorry about the way things ended between them. But Abigail insists she’s moving on. At the Horton cabin, Kristen clarifies what she wants from John is forgiveness, not love. She dealt with her feelings for him long ago and has taken responsibility for her terrible actions. But his forgiveness would mean a lot to Kristen because John meant so much to her. She realizes she may be asking too much and though John is moved by her words, he can’t bring himself to say he forgives her. Later, Kristen falls asleep on the couch, and John gently covers her with a blanket. His anger towards Kristen is clearly starting to lessen. Upset Will confides in Gabi about his fight with Sonny. Gabi realizes Will is assuming that Sonny wants to break up when that may not be the case. She urges him to call Sonny and try to work things out. Meanwhile, T (spurred on by Audrey, the girl he’s dating) also reluctantly encourages Sonny to make up with Will. But since Sonny hasn’t heard from him, he believes Will just doesn’t care. Later, Gabi arrives to tell Sonny how much Will misses him while T and Audrey tell Will the same thing about Sonny. Will finally picks up the phone and calls Sonny. They agree to meet up tomorrow and talk, and Will hangs up feeling somewhat hopeful.

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