Days of Our Lives

Episode #11963 Friday, November 16, 2012

  • Aired: 11/16/2012
    • Length: 37:13
    • Plays: ???
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Brady tells surprised Kristen there will be no meeting at the church – he cancelled it so they could talk. He’s determined that Kristen leave Salem. Kristen says she’s getting tired of him sticking his nose where it doesn’t belong. The fight escalates and frustrated Kristen finally leaves the rectory. But Brady’s not done and follows. Outside, Kristen’s accosted by a mugger. Brady comes upon the scene and despite all, comes to her rescue. It appears he has the upper hand but a second mugger appears and hits Brady from behind. He crumples to the ground, unconscious. Kristen calls 911… and then tries to call John, leaving him an urgent message about Brady being hurt. Sami continues her reunion with Eric, joined by John and Marlena. Later, John tells Marlena things are looking good on the Kristen front: he’s quit the church board and Kristen isn’t Sami’s boss any longer. Marlena is glad John can understand her feelings about Kristen. Later, when she sees Kristen has called John, Marlena erases the message without even listening to it. EJ runs into Nicole, who fears he will come after her for lying about his baby’s paternity. But EJ tells her he doesn’t need to because she’s created a hell for herself he can never rival. He rips her to shreds, assuring her Daniel will never forgive her for what she did to Jennifer. Nicole’s a wreck when Eric comes upon her. He’s unaware of what she recently did and as he offers help she at first resists… but finally says it’s time he knows just how low she’s sunk. After her reunion with Eric, Sami goes to the office where she’s surprised to find EJ. EJ tells Sami he’s returning to the DiMera fold and is taking over the company. The question is, can she handle it if he’s her new boss? Sami jumps to the assumption that part of EJ’s motivation is to help ease the strain she’s had lately with Marlena over working for Kristen… and EJ lets her think that. She tells him she’s okay with him being her new boss, and EJ is pleased… taking yet another baby step to getting Sami back. Daniel arrives at Jennifer’s office, unsure what she wants to talk about. To his surprise, she has been doing research on the hand tremors that have sidelined his surgical career and has found a clinical trial that might help him get back what he lost. Daniel’s seemingly interested but Jennifer later discovers he’s thrown the research away. When she confronts him about it, Daniel finally admits he was afraid to get his hopes up, that if he tries the treatment and it fails, he’ll lose any chance of a cure in the future. Jennifer pulls out all the stops to convince him to try, and she has quite an effect on him. He agrees to consider it.

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