Days of Our Lives

Episode #11964 Monday, November 19, 2012

  • Aired: 11/19/2012
    • Length: 37:14
    • Plays: ???
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At the hospital, Kristen visits Brady, who is being held for observation for the concussion he received while fighting off her muggers. Kristen thanks him for coming to her rescue but cool Brady still insists she leave town and stay away from his father and Marlena. Later, despite Cameron’s orders, Brady insists he’s ready to leave the hospital and attempts to get dressed. However, he gets dizzy and falls into Kristen’s arms. She helps him get back into bed and he reluctantly thanks her. Meanwhile, John and Marlena spend the morning together, Marlena relieved that Kristen is out of their lives. When Kristen leaves a couple messages about Brady on John’s phone, Marlena secretly deletes them without listening to them. Marlena is later horrified when she learns Brady was attacked. She and John rush to the hospital. Kristen intercepts Marlena and mentions the messages she left. Marlena privately realizes she’s inadvertently kept John from his son. She tries to fess up to John but she’s too late – Kristen reveals she left him several voicemails about Brady. John is baffled over why he didn’t get them… and Marlena knows she’s sunk. Sami runs into Will and vaguely tells him Gabi needs his help. Will, knowing this is about Gabi being pregnant – and that his mom doesn’t realize he’s the father – vows he will be there for her. Later, Sami calls Gabi and mistakenly thinks she has told Nick he’s going to be a father. Sensing Gabi is still distraught, Sami decides to call Rafe. He arrives at her office, and Sami admits there’s something he needs to know about his little sister… Earlier, Sonny visits Gabi, who has been crying all night and now has morning sickness. She covers her condition as Sonny offers to help her – he knows through Will that she’s going through something pretty major. Nick arrives and – assuming Gabi’s upset because of Chad – asks Sonny to get Chad to back off. Sonny agrees, then leaves. Nick comforts Gabi, who feels guilty for lying to him. Later, Will drops by, and he and Gabi commiserate over their situation. Will offers to marry Gabi, but they both realize it wouldn’t be right since they are in love with other people. Finally, Gabi says she’s thought long and hard, and she sees only one solution. Will is stunned when he realizes she’s talking about an abortion. Kayla informs Hope that Caroline’s doctor in California is optimistic she will be a good candidate for their Alzheimer’s program. Once she gets started on the medication, she and Bo can return home very soon! Hope is ecstatic and they share the news with Abe. Later, all three observe a sweet moment between Ciara and Theo. Abe confides to Kayla he’s not sure he’s doing a good job raising Theo on his own but Kayla is sure Lexie would be proud. Later, Nick confides in Hope he is in love with Gabi.

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