Days of Our Lives

Episode #11967 Monday, November 26, 2012

  • Aired: 11/26/2012
    • Length: 20:43:21
    • Plays: ???
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As Gabi waits in the exam room for her procedure to begin, Will is outside in the waiting area, beginning to have second thoughts. But he’s rebuffed in his attempts to get to Gabi before things can start. At the same time, Rafe and Sami have seen a family planning website on Gabi’s computer and fear the reason they can’t track her down is that she’s gone to a clinic to terminate her pregnancy. Figuring out just where she went involves some detective work and when they finally narrow it down they rush out… running into Nick. They don’t tell him what’s going on but he’s twigged by their urgency. He returns to Gabi’s room to see if he can find out where she went. Back at the clinic, Gabi has tears streaming down her face as the doctor tells her to just relax and it will be over soon. Out in the reception, Sami and Rafe arrive. Rafe goes ballistic seeing Will there but before Will can tell him he’s the father of Gabi’s baby, the door opens and tearful Gabi emerges from the back. Eric tells Hope he thinks Nicole can change. Meanwhile, a nervous Jennifer demands to know why Nicole is in her house. It’s a surprise when Nicole reaches down deep and apologizes to Jennifer for the hell she put her through. Nicole confesses she’d always felt threatened by Jennifer and it’s why she sunk as low as she did. Daniel is visited by Maggie, who is curious to know what Jennifer wanted to talk to him about. He explains how she did some research about a clinical trial to help his hand tremors, saying she talked him into at least thinking about it. Maggie is hopeful for him… but is disturbed by what Jennifer has done. Maggie seeks Jennifer out and says Daniel’s still grappling with everything that happened and Jennifer went too far pressuring him to do this. Jennifer’s stricken, acknowledging the reason she pushed so hard was because she was anxious to do something for Daniel after all he’s done for her. At the same time, Nicole goes to Daniel’s place, ready to apologize to him as she had with Jennifer. But hearing him on a call with Melanie, she pulls back before knocking and takes off without him knowing she was there. Returning to Eric, Nicole confesses she apologized to Jennifer, as he’d advised… but couldn’t do the same with Daniel. It was too hard as she listened to him moving on without her. And against this, Jennifer finds Daniel, ready to apologize for pushing him about the clinical trial… but Daniel thanks her, saying she made him think and now he’s ready to give it a try.

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