Days of Our Lives

Episode #11969 Wednesday, November 28, 2012

  • Aired: 11/28/2012
    • Length: 20:22:47
    • Plays: ???
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Rafe shows up at Sami’s office with flowers to thank her for her help with Gabi. But instead of Sami, he finds EJ. Thrown, he quickly learns EJ is Sami’s new boss. Sami arrives and EJ goes. Rafe can’t believe she didn’t tell him she was working for DiMera. He thinks she purposely kept this development from him. Sami denies, and insists she can handle EJ, but Rafe isn’t so sure. Nick thinks Chad is the father of Gabi’s baby and is about to blow the secret that she is pregnant. However, Will shows up and inadvertently stops the reveal. Chad thinks angry Nick has seen Gabi’s true colors and can’t help but enjoy witnessing her pain. Will urges Chad to go, and he does, but he’s still twigged. Gabi swears Chad isn’t the father of her baby, and Nick wants to believe her, but she was clearly with someone before him. Will blurts he is the father! Nick finds this hard to believe. After all, Will’s gay… but Will and Gabi explain what happened. Emotional Gabi is sorry she didn’t tell Nick the truth… she loves him very much. Nick understands and says they need to think how to proceed and that they can’t tell anyone – not even Sonny. Will agrees and Gabi thanks Nick, who is secretly formulating a plan. At the same time, Chad runs into EJ, who encourages him to get back at Gabi. Kristen stops Marlena from reading a document on her tablet and lays into her for breaking into her hotel room. But Marlena won’t be deterred. The two women fight, and Brady arrives, having figured out what Marlena was planning. Marlena explains about Kristen’s behavior at the hospital and that’s why she broke in to expose her. It looks like Brady might be on Marlena’s side, but when they read the document, it turns out to be an innocuous journal entry about Kristen making amends for her past. Marlena knows she’s been outwitted. Kristen wants to call the police, but Brady stops her. He begs her to reconsider and once Marlena leaves, he’s able to get through to her. However, Kristen still wants to call John and tell him what happened. Again, Brady tries to stop her, but she dials John’s number… Meanwhile, John runs into an upset Marlena and sees he had a missed call from Kristen. He is going to ignore it, but Marlena urges him to call her back, ready to face the music… Also, Eric and John discuss Kristen and the impact her return has had on the family.

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