Days of Our Lives

Episode #11970 Thursday, November 29, 2012

  • Aired: 11/29/2012
    • Length: 20:25:34
    • Plays: ???
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Brady and Marlena worry Kristen will tell John about Marlena breaking into her hotel room and going through her files. However, Kristen covers instead. After Kristen hangs up with John, Brady thanks her for her cooperation, seeing her in a new light. He’s about to leave when Kristen winces in pain from her injured wrist. As Brady gently examines it, they are both affected by the physical contact. Meanwhile, Marlena makes the huge decision not to tell John about what happened with Kristen. Later, Brady runs into John, and admits he still doesn’t completely trust Kristen. At the same time, Marlena almost confesses to Eric about Kristen but they are interrupted by none other than Kristen herself. It’s tense between the two women, and Marlena leaves. Kristen asks Father Tobias to hear her confession just as Brady arrives at the church. Undetected, Brady is unable to stop himself from eavesdropping as Kristen admits she’s afraid she’s about to repeat a mistake from her past she deeply regrets. Jennifer calls Daniel and tells him she scheduled him an appointment with a specialist on hand tremors – he can receive treatment today! Though Daniel is still a bit nervous about the risks, he thanks Jennifer and tells her he’ll head over to the hospital. However, he’s waylaid by Maggie, who is distressed over having learned how risky this injection could be. Daniel informs his mother he’s having it done today and she angrily rushes off to confront Jennifer. She blasts Jennifer for pushing Daniel into this procedure out of guilt for not being able to return his love. She orders her to stop Daniel but Jennifer believes he’s made the right decision. Daniel shows up for the appointment, and Maggie makes one last effort to dissuade him. However, he is determined to get the injection… at least until the doctor arrives. In that moment, Daniel suddenly hesitates. Earlier, Eric offers Nicole a job as the church secretary. Though she initially balks, she agrees to think about it. Eric then encourages her to try again to make amends with Daniel. Nicole visits Daniel and apologizes. He graciously accepts, and Nicole learns about the treatment he’s about to get. She’s truly happy Jennifer could do this for him but then realizes Daniel and Jennifer are not yet a couple, which she confirms with an unwitting Abigail. Nicole is unable to stop herself from holding out hope for Daniel. Kayla and Roman are stunned when Hope reveals Caroline and Bo have made an early return from the Alzheimer’s clinic. Everyone is relieved to learn Caroline is responding well to the medication. Later, Caroline reunites with Eric and inexplicably breaks down in tears. Eric questions her, fearing his grandmother is not as well as she claimed.

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