Days of Our Lives

Episode #11971 Friday, November 30, 2012

  • Aired: 11/30/2012
    • Length: 20:07:12
    • Plays: ???
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Kristen asks Father Tobias to hear her confession, and Brady decides to listen in. It’s a struggle for Kristen as she admits she’s tried to get past her negative feelings for Marlena… but has largely failed. That’s in part, she says, because Marlena will not allow it, telling Father Tobias about Marlena snooping in Kristen’s hotel room. In fact she initially wanted to bust Marlena for it but was stopped. Father Tobias assumes, by John. But no, Kristen says… someone else. Someone amazing. Brady reacts, listening even more closely now. Kristen can’t bring herself to expand on it, saying she knows these feelings she’s having are wrong. In fact, she’s horrified by them. Quickly she rushes out. Brady, affected, follows. Kristen’s in her room, upset, when Brady arrives… and they lock eyes. Daniel hesitates before taking the injection that may cure his tremors and allow him to return to practicing surgery. Jennifer sees it and in a moment alone with him, asks if he’s having second thoughts. She indicates how confident she is about this, and Daniel makes his choice – and gets the injection. There is a waiting period for a diagnostic test to determine the results so Daniel, too anxious to sit and wait, suggests he and Jennifer get some air. Earlier, Caroline tells Eric about what she did to Daniel when she switched Parker’s paternity tests. She knows now how wrong she was and feels she never really made Daniel aware of that. Eric consoles her, saying it’s never too late to make amends. Daniel and Jennifer arrive and Caroline decides to heed Eric’s advice and tries to apologize for what she did to him. Daniel – feeling positive off the treatment, hopeful about the future – forgives Caroline. Throughout, Jennifer is very taken with Daniel’s forgiving stance. Jennifer and Daniel return to the hospital. He’s given the diagnostic test… and it’s there that he learns the treatment was a failure. Daniel’s devastated and Jennifer is rocked. Sonny tries to question Will about what’s eating at him but Will, torn, finally admits he can’t get into it. He made a promise to Gabi that he wouldn’t. Sonny’s thrown and a little hurt. Sonny says he can’t imagine ever making a promise to keep things from Will. Later, Chad hints to Sonny that if he knew what Gabi had done, he’d have second thoughts about letting Will anywhere near her. Against all this, Nick tells Gabi he’s been thinking about their situation with the baby and feels he knows what the right thing to do is. He asks Gabi to marry him and suggest they tell everyone the baby is his, not Will’s. Gabi is conflicted… just as Will arrives.

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