Days of Our Lives

Episode #11974 Wednesday, December 5, 2012

  • Aired: 12/5/2012
    • Length: 20:39:28
    • Plays: ???
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Stunned Marlena has walked in on Brady making love to Kristen! And then, to her horror, Kristen sees her. Marlena exits and Kristen gasps regarding the intrusion. Brady didn’t see Marlena, and Kristen chooses, in the moment, not to tell him. Instead, she throws caution to the wind and makes love to him again. Later, guilty Kristen tells Brady their making love (again!) was a mistake, but Brady would like to see where this might go. While Kristen is touched by his words, she argues against it, noting it’s not a good idea. The two must table their debate when Kristen receives a call from EJ. Kristen meets with EJ and reveals her true colors – slyly saying someone is about to get the shock of their life. Meanwhile, Brady admits to Victor he misjudged someone. At the same time, Marlena’s eyes are on fire having seen Brady and Kristen do the deed. She runs into John, who feels guilty that he didn’t tell Marlena he went to see Kristen – she was worried her lipstick somehow ended up in John’s possession. But it’s moot when he overhears Billie and realizes Marlena already knows he went to Kristen’s hotel room. John promises nothing is going on between him and Kristen, and Marlena, with her own knowledge, believes him. But there is something he needs to know… Rafe witnesses a close moment between Sami and EJ. Upset, he turns to go and runs into Eric. They introduce themselves, then talk about Sami. Gabi arrives and tells Rafe she is going to marry Nick for sure. At first Gabi is worried Rafe doesn’t think it’s a good idea, but he’s only thinking about how fast everything is happening. Gabi doesn’t care what people think… and this drives Rafe to see Sami and tell her he needs her help with Gabi. Sami agrees to help, but she privately wishes Rafe needed her, too… Earlier, Will signs off on Nick’s commitment to his and Gabi’s child, but when Nick gets preachy, Will gets terse with his cousin. He later runs into his Uncle Eric and throws it out there that he’s gay and that he doesn’t necessarily jive with what the church is selling. Eric assures his nephew he’ll always be his uncle first. Later, Nick and Gabi tell Sonny she is pregnant and they are planning to get married. Sonny believes this was the secret Will was keeping for Gabi. He apologizes to Will, and hopes the two of them can be honest with one another from now on.

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