Days of Our Lives

Episode #11975 Thursday, December 6, 2012

  • Aired: 12/6/2012
    • Length: 20:43:55
    • Plays: ???
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Kristen vaguely tells EJ how happy she is – everything is working out for her. EJ, though confident about his pursuit of Sami, still tries to interest his sister in “distracting” Rafe. Kristen declines – she has her hands full. Meanwhile, Marlena is on the verge of telling John she saw Kristen and Brady in bed together when they are interrupted by Brady. Brady’s casual greeting makes it clear to Marlena that he has no idea she knows! She realizes Kristen never told him. Marlena backs off from telling John and returns to the hospital. John confides to Brady there are still some problems between him and Marlena regarding Kristen. Once alone, Brady calls Kristen, who’s privately shocked to learn he was just with his dad and Marlena, but nothing came out about them. Kristen tracks down Marlena and confronts her about what she saw between her and Brady. Acting resigned, Kristen guesses Marlena must tell John what she saw. John arrives, and Kristen looks at Marlena and says: Do what you have to do. Later, Brady encounters Maggie and tells her his life is beginning to turn around. Maggie goes to Daniel, whose hands are still shaking. She blames Jennifer for raising his hopes and expectations. Daniel admits he needs some time off, and Maggie encourages him to get away from Salem (and Jennifer). They agree he should go to the cabin at Smith Island. Meanwhile, Jennifer looks and feels terrible. Abigail is concerned, and Jennifer insists the cause is emotional; she can’t get over her guilt about ruining Daniel’s life. Daniel goes in to work to sign out and encounters Jennifer, who swears her feelings for him are not pity… but he doesn’t want to get into it again and goes. Jennifer badgers Maxine and finally gets it out of her that Daniel went to Smith Island. She decides to follow. Nicole hears Eric crying out from another nightmare. When Nicole questions, he gets a little testy. Eric sends Nicole on an errand to pick something up from Maggie. Nicole’s uncomfortable, knowing Maggie hates her, but finally goes and makes amends. While there, she overhears that Daniel is at Smith Island and impulsively decides to follow him. She shows up at the cabin, offering a shoulder (and maybe more) to Daniel. Daniel leaves to check out a noise in the back…and then there’s a knock at the door. It’s Jennifer. Nicole blasts her, telling her she had her chance, but it’s too late. Daniel hates her and she should leave! EJ and Eric bump into one another and discuss Nicole and Sami. Abigail overhears Cameron making a hot date and realizes he has moved on. Abigail tells Cameron she has, too, but confides in Maxine that she hasn’t done so all that successfully.

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