Days of Our Lives

Episode #11976 Friday, December 7, 2012

  • Aired: 12/7/2012
    • Length: 20:30:34
    • Plays: ???
Synopsis >

John arrives and Kristen clearly expects Marlena to reveal what she saw between Kristen and Brady. But to Kristen’s surprise, Marlena instead tells John about how she broke into Kristen’s room, confessing she feels badly about it now and felt the need to come clean with him. The moment is interrupted when John is called away on an emergency. Once alone with Marlena, Kristen keeps her agenda close to the vest even as she questions why Marlena didn’t say anything about what she saw. Marlena says it’s simply not up to her – Brady or Kristen can let John know or they can keep it to themselves but either way it is their business, not Marlena’s. Kristen realizes what’s really going on here – that Marlena’s not inclined to rock the boat solely because she’s relieved it’s Brady that Kristen’s interested in… not John. Once Marlena goes, Kristen gets an idea and texts Brady. Brady meets her at her hotel room and they make love… after which Kristen hints that Brady should come clean with his father about all this. But Kristen gets an unwelcome surprise when he uses her own words against her, thinking she was right when she said this should be their secret for now. He’s worried about exposing Kristen to John and Marlena’s anger. Kristen can’t contradict but ultimately realizes it might be to her benefit to keep John in the dark… for now. Nicole tries to get Jennifer to leave the island… but before she can, Daniel arrives, thrown to see Jennifer. He asks to speak with her alone, and Nicole reluctantly goes – making sure she remains within earshot. Daniel squares off with Jennifer, who’s determined to make this right. Daniel loses his cool and says he doesn’t want her friendship this way – and is stunned when Jennifer collapses. Daniel realizes she’s terribly sick and after a quick exam, realizes she has appendicitis. He tells Nicole they need to get to a hospital, fast! Sami comes to the rectory to apologize to Eric for their fight. She has to confess she’s been a little confused about Eric becoming a priest ever since the day he called to tell her about it. Eric tries to explain it though there’s something he’s still not revealing. Eric uses Maggie’s arrival to put the conversation aside. After he goes, Maggie and Sami stay behind as Sami worries Eric’s setting himself up for a fall by trying to help Nicole.

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