Days of Our Lives

Episode #11979 Wednesday, December 12, 2012

  • Aired: 12/12/2012
    • Length: 20:38:21
    • Plays: ???
Synopsis >

Kristen reaches out to Chad and tries to get him to join the family for the holidays, but Chad has a lot of other things on his mind (i.e. his anger towards Gabi). Chad admits he wants to make the person who ruined his life pay. Kristen doesn’t have a problem with that, but tells him to make sure he proceeds with caution. In order to close this chapter in his life, it has to be done correctly. At the same time, Sonny has told Justin what Chad told him about Gabi. Justin puts the kibosh on Sonny talking about it and goes to see Chad. He warns Chad he’s in breach of contract and if he won’t stop harassing Gabi, he will end up doing time per the agreement he has with Nick. Abigail, who witnessed Justin’s fury, asks Chad what’s going on, but Chad covers and they bond over the lack of love in their lives. He then asks Abigail out. Earlier, Gabi and Nick go to see Father Eric, who invites them to pre-cana counseling and they accept. Later, Nick and Gabi go to the pub where Sonny is vaguely warning Will to stay away from Gabi. In private, Gabi and Sonny have words, and she realizes Chad blabbed to Sonny. She warns Sonny she will not let him or Chad ruin her life. Meanwhile, Will admits to Nick it will be hard to stand before God and his uncle the priest at the wedding, knowing he’s the father of Gabi’s baby. Brady has bought Kristen a bracelet and starts to write her a note, telling her how he feels. Victor comes in and questions what Brady’s up to, but Brady tells him to butt out. Later, at the coffee house, Victor is surprised to see Kristen. He heard she was back and warns Brady to stay away from her. Brady defends, saying she’s changed, but Victor doesn’t buy it. Later, he calls John to the mansion, where Victor cautions that Kristen is just as crafty as her old man. John is about to leave but sees the gift addressed to Kristen. At the same time, Brady shows up at the Salem Inn, and he and Kristen make love. Brady wants to give her his gift, but realizes he left it at the mansion. Later, when they’re getting dressed, there’s a knock at the door and it’s John! Brady hides and Kristen lets in John, who is holding Brady’s gift for Kristen. Marlena wants to tell John the truth about Brady and Kristen, but can’t. Later, she almost confides in Eric but stops when she privately realizes Kristen was right – she’s relieved Kristen’s with Brady and not John…

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