Days of Our Lives

Episode #11980 Thursday, December 13, 2012

  • Aired: 12/13/2012
    • Length: 20:41:41
    • Plays: ???
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John comes to Kristen’s bearing the gift he found from Brady to her… and for a moment she and a hidden Brady believe John will explode over his discovery of their affair. But John has no such inkling, assuming the gift is an innocent one. He explains he’s here because of what Marlena told him about the break in, and he wants Kristen to know he’s grateful she didn’t press charges. He goes, still unaware of Brady’s presence. Brady officially gives her the gift and it’s clear he’s falling for her. Kristen’s affected but still working her agenda. Later, Kristen goes to the hospital to tell Jennifer she hopes she’s okay after her emergency surgery and meets Daniel. Later, she tells Brady he has no idea how important he’s become to her. Daniel gets checked out and it is confirmed that the medication finally kicked in and his tremors have been cured. At the same time, Jennifer is ready to be released and both of them are optimistic and anxious to see one another. But when Jennifer and Daniel are face-to-face he realizes she doesn’t remember telling him she loved him… and a crushed Daniel doesn’t remind her. But once she returns home a simple “I love you” to Abigail stops her short… and the memories come flooding back as stunned Jennifer realizes what she told Daniel. Sami meets up with EJ, and Chad lets slip that she’s helping with Nick and Gabi’s wedding. To Sami’s surprise, EJ is not bothered with her working so closely with Rafe’s sister. Meanwhile, Rafe meets up with Hope and he tries hard not to be judgmental about Nick… but his brotherly instincts for Gabi are hard to fight. Will tells Gabi he feels uneasy about his Uncle Eric performing her wedding ceremony considering their situation. Gabi, with growing confidence, says she believes it will all work out – no one is questioning the story that Nick is the father of her baby. Later, Gabi tracks down Chad and an angry confrontation ensues as she reminds him he’ll go to jail if he breaks their agreement. But Chad, a little twigged about her hurried wedding, lets her know he isn’t so sure the story she’s telling everyone is on the level. When Gabi returns to the pub, she’s off her pins as she starts a meeting with Sami, Hope and Rafe about the wedding… and makes a slip about how long she’s been pregnant, contradicting what Hope heard from Nick.

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