Days of Our Lives

Episode #11981 Friday, December 14, 2012

  • Aired: 12/14/2012
    • Length: 19:49:25
    • Plays: ???
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Gabi is put on the spot as Rafe, Hope and Sami question her about why she’s saying she’s 11-12 weeks pregnant while Nick is claiming five to six. Nick enters and tells a horrified Gabi they must tell the truth. However, Nick covers by saying he lied about dates because Gabi didn’t want anyone to do the math and realize she got pregnant by Nick almost immediately after they met. Rafe is furious, thinking Nick took advantage of his little sister. He also expresses disappointment in Gabi and takes off. Nick comforts Gabi, reassuring her they are doing the right thing for the baby by lying about his or her paternity. Meanwhile, Sami catches up to Rafe and talks him down. They have a fraught moment when the discussion comes around to their failed marriage. Later, Rafe runs into Will and – fueled by guilt – he asks if Gabi considered an abortion out of fear of disappointing Rafe. Will assures that was not the case. Rafe thanks him for being such a good friend to Gabi. Earlier, Will is taken aback when Sonny admits he does not like Gabi and wants Will to stay away from her – she’s a user and a liar. Will takes offense at being told what to do and sticks up for Gabi. He leaves upset. Later, Sami drops by the coffee house and suggests Sonny be an usher in Gabi and Nick’s wedding since they are such good friends. Sonny quickly makes an excuse to decline, leaving Sami confused. While still dealing with his disappointment over Jennifer, Daniel takes another emotional hit when he sees Kate showing Maxine a Christmas card photo of Parker. When Kate leaves the card behind, Daniel can’t help himself from stealing a look at the boy he was thought was his son. Kate catches him – but instead of being snide, she’s surprisingly compassionate and offers to tell him a little about Parker. She mentions Chloe and Philip are not together (thank God!) and Parker is doing very well. Kate learns Daniel no longer has hand tremors and saved Jennifer’s life. In a nice gesture, Kate leaves Daniel with Parker’s photo. Meanwhile, Jennifer confides in Abigail that she just realized she told Daniel she loves him while under the influence of pain medication. Abigail asks if that’s how her mom truly feels and Jennifer admits it’s true. She understands if Abigail thinks she’s betraying Jack because in a way, Jennifer feels the same way. But Abigail assures her mother that if she’s ready to move on with Daniel, she supports her. Later, Jennifer privately says goodbye to her life with Jack and makes a decision. She returns to the hospital and seeks out Daniel.

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