Days of Our Lives

Episode #11984 Thursday, December 20, 2012

  • Aired: 12/20/2012
    • Length: 19:09:56
    • Plays: ???
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Brady and Kristen are stunned when Jennifer catches them in a passionate kiss. Brady rushes off after Jennifer and tries to explain how he and Kristen ended up together. Jennifer questions how Brady could be with a woman who caused so much pain for John and Marlena. Brady insists he didn’t intend for it to happen… it just did. He cares so much about Kristen and he wants to see where things go with her. He urges Jennifer not to tell anyone. Jennifer agrees not to say anything – for now. Meanwhile, Kristen runs into Hope, who slips just enough for Kristen to suspect Marlena has confided in her about seeing Kristen and Brady together. Kristen then visits Jennifer and tries to get her old friend to believe her motives regarding Brady are innocent. Later, Kristen realizes it’s only a matter of time before the news of her and Brady will get back to John… and she can’t wait. However, there are just a few more things she needs to get done before that happens… Will confides in Lucas that he and Sonny had a huge disagreement. Surprisingly, Lucas is sympathetic and offers his son relationship advice. Will takes it to heart and after being briefly waylaid by his Uncle Eric, Will seeks out Sonny. Earlier, Sonny confides in Chad that he and Will fought about Gabi. Chad encourages him not to let Gabi ruin their relationship. Lucas then drops by and lets Sonny know how torn up Will is about their fight and urges him to talk to his son. Before he leaves, Lucas asks if the fight was about the money Will borrowed from Sonny. This causes Sonny to realize Will asked for the money for Gabi on the same day that Nick was angry at her. When Will arrives to make amends, Sonny claims he’s figured out the secret involving Will, Nick and Gabi. Nick and Gabi have their first pre-cana session with Eric. As they talk about their feelings, Gabi fears Nick is about to reveal Will is the father of her baby. But instead, Nick admits it hurt him that Gabi told someone else (Will) about her pregnancy before telling him. Gabi and Nick reiterate their love for each other. Later, Gabi is stunned when John and Marlena arrive, and she grows tense when she realizes Will’s grandmother is going to give them advice about marriage. In talking with Gabi and Nick, John and Marlena learn Gabi is pregnant and she hasn’t told anyone in her family (outside of Rafe) about the baby or the wedding. Alone with Gabi, Marlena wonders if she’s ashamed about being pregnant… or ashamed of being with ex-con Nick.

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