Days of Our Lives

Episode #11991 Monday, December 31, 2012

  • Aired: 12/31/2012
    • Length: 20:41:41
    • Plays: ???
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Marlena is upset by the fact that she sent John to Brady’s office, knowing Kristen is probably there with him. Indeed, John catches them in the act. He is mostly in shock and runs out. Brady follows him and tries to explain how this just happened, but he does have strong feelings for Kristen. He claims Kristen fought it and tried to push him away. But now that it’s out in the open, Brady is glad. Meanwhile, Marlena confides in Hope that she has done something terrible – not coming from the best of motives – and it’s something she may always regret. She encounters Kristen, who’s deliberately looking a bit disheveled. Kristen tantalizes Marlena without actually telling her what happened. Marlena goes to question Brady. Meanwhile, Kristen is toasting to her success when someone knocks at the door – and she opens to a serious John. Kate questions Will about Nick – she has some hesitations about hiring Nick due to his arrogance. Will has to admit Nick loves Gabi and is doing the right thing, wanting enough money to provide for his family. Kate changes her opinion, deciding Nick is a responsible man who will be a good father. Meanwhile, Nick arrives for his meeting with Gabi and Eric. He manages to stop Gabi from telling Father Eric the truth about her baby. However, Sami realizes emotional Gabi was on the verge of revealing some secret. Eric orders his sister to butt out and leave. Just outside, she bumps into Will and tells him what’s going on. Will texts Gabi, saying he’s changed his mind, she needs to do what is best for the baby. Sami charges back in and takes over the situation by offering to tell Eric the big secret for Gabi. Gabi realizes Sami thinks it’s the lie about Gabi and Nick getting together much sooner than anyone realized (practically the first time they met). Gabi is the one who tells Eric the cover story, swearing that doesn’t negate the fact that they love one another. Eric gives his blessing, agreeing to marry her and Nick in the church. Adrienne admits to Sonny she’s sorry she ever doubted Will – she can see how happy they are together. She also apologizes to Kate for the terrible things she said about Will back at the beginning of his relationship with Sonny. While Kate accepts her apology, it’s clear she and Adrienne still are not the best of friends.

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