Days of Our Lives

Episode #11992 Tuesday, January 1, 2013

  • Released: 2013
    • Length: 20:50:02
    • Plays: ???
Synopsis >

It’s New Year’s Eve in Salem and there are plenty of “fireworks” to go around. John confronts Kristen about her feelings for Brady and in a stunning moment, she reveals she’s been plotting her revenge against John since the day she returned to Salem. John realizes all her claims of being reformed and all those coincidental run-ins were just a deception. Kristen admits she has never gotten over the way he treated her and now she plans to take away something John loves dearly – his son. John comes to the horrifying conclusion that Kristen is just as evil as ever and vows she will never come between him and Brady. After he leaves, Brady comes by and Kristen plays the innocent victim, claiming John was out of control. Brady is immediately sympathetic and assures he will smooth things over with his father. At midnight, Brady and Kristen share a passionate kiss… which is interrupted when a livid John and Marlena come bursting into the room. Earlier, Brady admits to Marlena that he is having a secret affair with Kristen – which John now knows because he walked in on them having sex. Marlena is guilt-ridden, knowing she pushed an unwitting John into that situation and could’ve spared her husband the shock. Brady asks if Marlena will ever accept Kristen in his life and a vehement Marlena says no. Later, Marlena finds John, and he fills her in regarding Kristen’s schemes. While Sami and Rafe prepare for their respective New Year’s Eve dates with EJ and Nicole, they can’t stop thinking of one another. Despite Rafe’s insistence that he is done with Sami, Nicole realizes her friend is in denial, especially when he is unable to hide his upset at seeing EJ and Sami on their date at the town square. When EJ leaves to get Sami a drink, Nicole encourages Rafe to say hello. Eventually, he and Sami connect and at midnight, Rafe gives into his feelings and kisses her passionately. Meanwhile, Nicole pretends to be drunk in order to detain EJ and prevent him from being with Sami at midnight. In a desperate attempt to stall, she pulls a startled EJ into a kiss. Chad makes an excuse to visit Abigail, and Jennifer invites him to celebrate the New Year with them. Sensing the chemistry between her daughter and Chad, Jennifer leaves to visit Daniel, who is working at the hospital. Jennifer and Daniel manage to share a sweet kiss at the stroke of midnight. Meanwhile, back at the house, Chad and Abigail bond and share a surprisingly electric kiss. Earlier, Daniel and Eric formally introduce themselves, and Eric points out they have a mutual friend in Nicole.

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