Days of Our Lives

Episode #11995 Friday, January 4, 2013

  • Aired: 1/4/2013
    • Length: 18:27:40
    • Plays: ???
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At the hospital, Marlena warns Brady never to see Kristen again. She forces him to listen to her take on Kristen, rattling off all the times Kristen deliberately manipulated a situation and lorded it over Marlena. Brady counters Marlena has no proof that Kristen ever lied to him or kept anything from him. Marlena privately recalls her huge realization that Kristen never told Brady about Marlena seeing the two of them in bed together…but realizes she must confess that to John first. Meanwhile, Kristen and John have it out over all she’s done. She accuses him of being jealous, and he accuses her of still being in love with him. Kristen smirks as she admits maybe you can’t ever completely get over a great love – but you can certainly replace it. John thinks she is incapable of love. Kristen hints (without directly incriminating Marlena) that his discovery of her and Brady in his office was not an accident. John remembers Marlena telling him to go. John confronts Marlena, who stammers… and in a huge moment, it finally dawns on John that Marlena knew his son was sleeping with Kristen. Kristen returns to Brady, admitting she can’t end things with him. They kiss passionately, and Sami walks in on them, furious. Earlier, Sami rails at Rafe about all Kristen has done to destroy her family. Rafe can’t help but call Sami on her hypocrisy – she hasn’t exactly been an innocent. Sami gets defensive, and it looks like they might fight, but Rafe shuts her up with a kiss. He leaves her breathless…telling her they will be together. He wants her to think about how she’s going to tell EJ. Rafe runs into Kate, both realizing their lives are turning around completely. Kate relishes telling EJ she is finally free of the entire DiMera family. She’s about to take a trip to see her various children (including Philip). Kate believes focusing on family is the most important thing. She warns EJ about Sami, but he blows her off. Later, Chad admits to EJ that things are good with Abigail. EJ tells his brother about the latest wrinkle in their family – Kristen’s affair with Brady. EJ still has questions about her motives. Earlier, Abigail tracks Chad down, and expresses reservations about going out with him because of Melanie. But Chad reassures her it’s over for him and Melanie, so he and Abigail will be seeing each other again. Daniel shows up at Jennifer’s, wanting to change their plans. She’s disappointed until she finds out he wants some quiet time at home with some non-home cooked food (a humorous reference to their disastrous first date). But more importantly, he wants a chance to spend some quality alone time together. Jennifer’s excited about the romantic plans, and Abigail wishes her happiness. Meanwhile, nervous Daniel gets his place ready, wanting everything to be perfect. When there’s a knock at the door, he eagerly anticipates Jennifer – but instead finds Chloe!

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