Days of Our Lives

Episode #11996 Monday, January 7, 2013

  • Aired: 1/7/2013
    • Length: 19:31:04
    • Plays: ???
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Sami comes to Brady, incredulous that he’s taken up with Kristen. She tries to make him see what a betrayal this is. But Brady stands his ground, not believing what John and Marlena are claiming about Kristen. Sami has a few choice words with Kristen, who lashes out, reminding Sami she’s not exactly been a saint yet expects everyone to forgive her and accept her for who she is. Kristen checks Brady out of the hospital and brings him home. When she sees the real extent of his injuries, she has a brief flash of true affection for this man. Brady tells Kristen he realizes this may be too soon but the truth is… he’s falling in love with her. Kristen is unreadable as she tells him those are just the words she’s waited to hear. Meanwhile, John is with Marlena, pressing her to come clean: is it true that she knew Brady and Kristen were involved and didn’t tell him? Marlena, wracked with guilt, confirms she’s known for almost a month. John reels and Marlena tries to explain how she felt she couldn’t tell him because Kristen would, as usual, turn it around and make her look bad. It’s the game Kristen has played since coming back to Salem. That’s not enough for John, who insists he would have believed her… what’s the real reason she didn’t tell? Marlena privately recalls Kristen’s accusation – that Marlena stayed silent because she was relieved it was Brady that Kristen was involved with, not John. Before Marlena can confess this, Sami bursts in, insisting they have to stick together to defeat Kristen – Brady’s been sucked in too deeply. Marlena realizes how betrayed John will feel if she confesses and holds back, but it doesn’t keep him from deciding he needs to stay in a hotel tonight – alone – to sort things out. Daniel is thrown to find Chloe standing in his doorway, curious what has brought her here. Meanwhile, Jennifer’s anxious to get to Daniel’s and suffers mishap after mishap, delaying her. Back at Daniel’s, Chloe learns he is expecting Jennifer, and she’s thrown to hear they’re getting back together. Daniel wonders if he and Chloe can meet another time but Chloe says this can’t wait. It’s wonderful news. Despite what they’d all thought up to now, Parker is actually his son! Meanwhile, Kayla gets a disturbing phone call from Stephanie. Her daughter faxes over some paperwork, and she shares it with Caroline, who can’t believe what the papers say.

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