Days of Our Lives

Episode #12006 Tuesday, January 22, 2013

  • Aired: 1/22/2013
    • Length: 20:51:08
    • Plays: ???
Synopsis >

Nick approaches Justin, wanting to talk about Gabi’s rights regarding her child. Justin quickly surmises the conversation is just as much about Will’s rights – or rather, how he might surrender them. Nick points out Will was willing to give up the child and let Nick and Gabi raise it. Nick only wants to make it official. He wants complete custody… and goes a step too far when he asks if there’s any way to have Will declared an unfit father. Justin reacts, no longer interested in helping Nick. At the same time, Sami wants to know what Will plans to do about his baby. Will’s reluctant to talk to her about it, especially after learning how Sami confronted Gabi. He’s ready to end the conversation right then and there but EJ arrives and tells Will he has an experienced child custody attorney on retainer… just in case. Sami goes and Will reveals to EJ that when he told Gabi and Nick he’d give up the baby, it was selfish because he was worried about losing Sonny. EJ advises Will to make his next move very carefully and decide what he really wants. Against all this, Gabi is distressed about how everything blew up and is most concerned about doing what’s right for the baby. She makes an emotional confession to Nicole, and then Rafe arrives. He’s loving and supportive and still angry over Sami’s attack on his sister. Firmly in Gabi’s corner, he says he loves her and will stand by her. After Gabi goes, he comes face-to-face with Sami. Things quickly grow tense and when Sami openly wonders if Nick and Gabi are even fit to raise the baby, Rafe loses it. EJ arrives and warns Rafe to back off. Meanwhile, Nick tells Gabi he wants to go ahead and get married at the courthouse. But before this can go further, Will arrives and says it’s time for the three of them to talk about what’s going to happen with the baby. Daniel is curious about why Jennifer has the number for Child Protective Services on her desk… given what she knows about Chloe’s prostitute past. Jennifer, truly bewildered, tells Daniel she doesn’t know how that number got there. Daniel’s called away to surgery before this can go further and Jennifer’s worried he now thinks the worst of her. Meanwhile, Chloe, having set all this up with Jennifer’s nemesis Anne, is thrilled to have driven a wedge between Daniel and Jennifer. But Chloe has underestimated Daniel’s feelings for Jennifer and has to watch later as he returns and expresses confidence that it was some kind of mix-up – just as Jennifer claimed. Chloe’s nauseated watching how devoted he is and resolves to take Jennifer down.

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