Days of Our Lives

Episode #12010 Monday, January 28, 2013

  • Aired: 1/28/2013
    • Length: 20:43:21
    • Plays: ???
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Nicole shows up at Kristen’s hotel room and blasts Kristen for causing a rift between Brady and his family, specifically Eric. Kristen is anything but intimidated and viciously throws Nicole’s own past in her face. Stung Nicole is about to physically attack her, but Brady arrives and pulls her out into the corridor. Nicole tells Brady she hates what this woman is doing to him and his family. Brady appreciates her concern, but promises he’s got it covered. Brady returns to Kristen, who plays it up, saying she can’t believe Nicole attacked her. Brady asks her to give Nicole a break. This doesn’t sit well with Kristen, and Brady wonders if she’s jealous. Kristen swears she’s not though it’s clear there might be some truth to it. Things get sexual but Brady has to leave. Earlier, Brady tries to comfort Marlena, who is distraught over John’s departure. He then goes to see Eric and signs his intention to vacate his place on the board. Sad Eric watches his brother walk away. Later, Marlena shows up to see Eric and knows how this is hard for him. Without going into detail about the wire-tapping, Marlena admits she crossed a line and that is why John left. She was only trying to get Brady to see the truth about Kristen. Nicole, who has arrived, overhears and gets an idea how to use a lie to reveal the truth about Kristen. She takes a flash drive and hightails it to see Brady at the Kiriakis mansion. There, she offers her apology to Brady, then feigns ill. Brady exits to get her a drink, and Nicole uses the moment to download some files from his computer. Just as she removes the flash drive, she’s caught by Daniel… does he know what she’s done? At the same time, Kristen tries to discount her growing feelings for Brady. She runs into Marlena and offers her surprise that John left. Marlena wants to know how long she intends to torture Brady, but Kristen toys with her, saying she hopes and prays she and Brady are forever. Meanwhile, Hope learns from Eric that John left and it was because of something Marlena did. Hope feels guilty, knowing her part in it. Chloe wants to move into Daniel’s place with Parker, ostensibly so father and son can bond. Daniel calls her on this, saying he knows she wants to pick up where they left off. Chloe is honest and says a part of her would like that, but her main concern is Parker. Daniel is impressed by her honesty but makes it clear he is moving on with Jennifer. Chloe nods, saying she gets it, but privately she’s furious. At the same time, Jennifer confides in Hope about Chloe still wanting Daniel. Jennifer says she can sympathize, but Hope urges her to fight fire with fire and turn her date into something special. Jennifer takes her cousin’s advice and sends Daniel a text, saying she wants to make their date a private one at his place. Chloe intercepts the text and decides to create doubt in Jennifer’s mind. When Jennifer arrives, instead of Daniel, she finds a wet, fresh from the shower Chloe – in nothing but one of Daniel’s shirts.

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